Rocky And Bullwinkle Return With An All New Series

And you won’t find it on Netflix.

Your favorite moose and squirrel return in an all new “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” series. Shockingly, the new adventures of the cartoon duo won’t be found on Netflix. This time, Amazon scored the revival.

The series is set to premier on May 11th in the US, UK, Germany, India, and Japan. The stories aren’t the only thing that will be updated. A look at the trailer shows that there will be a more modern character design and animation, while not straying too far off to be unsettling.

The official synopsis of the new series follows.

The world-famous talking moose and flying squirrel are back in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, a comedy about two goofball friends who end up in harrowing situations but end up saving the day time and again. As their silly ambitions dovetail with Fearless Leader’s sinister plans to take over the world, they are set on a collision course with his notorious super spies Boris and Natasha.


Rocky and Bullwinkle


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