Rewatching Veronica

Veronica Mars is returning. So, I returned to Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars introduced the world to a fast-talking, disenfranchised teen (Kristen Bell) armed with a telephoto lens and an array of listening devices. By day, she was an ostracized high school student; while at night, Mars fought for the side of good as an amateur private detective. The show ran a very short 3 seasons, and even after a movie and a couple books, fans need more.

The quick-witted Mars had a great circle of friends and family, in her town of Neptune, that built the cast dynamic. Her father, Keith (Enrico Colantoni), was equal parts dad jokes and fierce protector. The father-daughter chemistry on screen is one of the best I’ve yet to see in television. Wallace, the bff (Percy Daggs III), was a loyal and straight-forward friend that never hesitated to call Veronica out. Later seasons built on her circle, and each addition helped bring the show more depth.

The show blended the action and suspense of a great murder mystery with the humor and snark of a teen comedy. The banter between characters keeps the viewer on their toes. It remains light even in the presence of darker themed story-lines. They even manage a few flippant product placements like when Veronica gets a new car: Mars drives a Saturn to get around Neptune. (Later she’s seen shaving with a Venus razor….)

Once the show ended, fans immediately began campaigning for more. The ending seemed unfinished, and they clamored for closure. It took a decade, and a budding crowd-sourcing website, for fans to get their dues. Showrunner Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, and it gained so much traction it became fully funded (original ask was $2mil) in less than 12 hours. By the end of the campaign, over $5mil was raised by over 90k backers.

Now, fans (fondly called Marshmallows) can enjoy all new episodes picking up where the film left off. Season 4 premieres on Hulu on July 26.

I decided to revisit the show, to help orient myself to the storylines. One of my kids joined for the pilot episode and was instantly hooked. It was extra-enjoyable to introduce this personal favorite to the next generation of Marshmallows. We finished the final episode of season 3, and the movie arrived in the mail that same day. So, that happened, too. Now, we’re simply waiting…anxiously…for season 4.

Time to gather around the fire, Marshmallows. The roast is coming. Need to catch up? All 3 seasons are on Hulu!

Erica Davis

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