Review: Save The Bird

Save The Bird
Save The Bird

Save The Bird is a flappy-bird type game from WebCreep.

It’s fun, simple, well designed and everything works really well. The theme is really nice and happy without being over the top and annoying. And the music matches the theme perfectly. It’s the kind of thing I need to put me in a good mood on this Sunday.



Controls are minimal. There’s a Help button, a BBM button that allows you to update your status to say you’re playing Save The Bird, a Mute button and a Start button. When you finish a game, there’s a Post It button that allows you to post your score to your BBM status.

The gameplay is simple: your bird flies across the screen, and you have to tap the screen to make it fly upward so it doesn’t crash into the ground. The objective is to fly over, under and between posts while collecting coins and stars, and avoiding the birds that fly up from the ground like dolphins jumping out of water.

Save The Bird gameplay
Save The Bird gameplay

It’s challenging, but not overly difficult.; the designer has managed to find the sweet spot. And that’s the great thing about this game: it challenges you, but doesn’t frustrate you, and you just want to keep playing.

The description says the game works on the Q10 and the Passport as well as the all-touch devices, but I only tested it on my Z30 and it doesn’t show up on BlackBerry World when I’m on my Passport.

When I started playing this game, I was in a foul mood and having a lousy weekend. Within a few minutes of playing this game, I was in a much better mood, enjoying myself and I found myself imagining sitting outside on a beautiful sunny summer day having an ice cream. And that alone makes the game worth every penny for me.

You can get it here on BlackBerry World.


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