Review: Punkt. MP02 is a Device for People Not Looking for a Smartphone

If you are not looking for a smart device, the Punkt is a smart solution.

The main reason we were interested in this phone was that it was a BlackBerry Secure device, the first of its kind, which of course was not a BlackBerry device. The buzz around the phone was how to combine BlackBerry security with “dumb” device.

The Punkt is actually not a smart phone, but with a number of features that can be used for more than incoming and outgoing calls (and of course SMS), it can become a type of mobile modem for users who do not want to hang out with a smart device all day.

It can easily become a wireless network and instead of having to rely on a weak WiFi of a restaurant or public place, users can instead connect their laptop/tablet to the Punkt’s network. Yes, you can do the same thing with your smart device, but most do not use this function, and will instead spend their day utilizing their smart device. The Punkt is for users who do not want to be constantly connected.

In terms of the device itself it is very easy to navigate between the settings and other uses. The device allows version updates (see review), changes and innovations will probably reach the device soon.

When it comes to reviews I prefer to show more and write less.

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Roy Shpitalnik

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