Review of the, “Chinese Made”, BlackBerry Passport Pouch!

Drool level, 1000
Drool level, 1000

Owning a BlackBerry Passport this early from launch date has its ups and downs.

The ups: Its the best phone on the market, its beautiful to look at, its orgasmic to hold, you can make fun of your other friends that want one, but haven’t had the chance to get one yet, etc.

The downs: Official OEM accessories are hard to come by. The black hard shell case for the passport has been out of stock for like…forever and the leather flip cases are still in “pre-order” status as of this post.

So what’s an accessories junkie to do? Buy knock offs!

That’s what I did.

A lot of warning flags were going off in my head when it came to this purchase. How long the delivery process might take, the quality of the product, the product actually fitting my Passport, it being Chinese, etc. But for $9.90 American, it was a leap of faith I was willing to take.

So lets get down to it and crack this nut open.

Lets start off with the price. like I said a second ago, its only $9.90 American and like $400 Canadian (joking) and it comes in three color options, red, black and brown. The description says, “BlackBerry Passport 4.5inch Sleeve Pouch protect bag slim and light, perfect fit,” and all of that is true. Its light, like super light. It has a great fit, when the phone is in the pouch, there isn’t any ugly over hang at the opening and the phone doesn’t feel like its going to slip out of the pouch also, its snug.

Great fit.
Great fit.

I’m not a leather expert by any means, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was in fact real leather. Maybe low grade leather, but leather nevertheless. The stitching on this pouch is really nice! It has nice, thick string, with no loose parts or missed stitches. I have to say, very surprised about the stitching. The pouch has a clean look with one BlackBerry logo on the bottom right. A nice touch.

LOVE that logo!
LOVE that logo!

So my fears… the quality of the product: good to great! The product actually fitting my Passport: very snug and well done. What about that problematic delivery time from China? I ordered it on the 13th of October and got it today, the 24th of October; 11 days! That’s really good considering they warned me that it could take all the way until November 4th.

So check, check, check… all good! Some things I ask people when it comes to particular purchases. How was the experience and would you do it again?

The experience was great and yes, yes I would buy it again. Its not a built by Blackberry pouch; it doesn’t have a cut out for the LED light, it doesn’t have a magnet to turn the phone on and off, but for $10…I don’t expect it to.

If you want to pick one up yourself, just check out the link to the Ebay page that I provided, and also scroll down for more pictures of my Passport and pouch.






  • Nice review Joe! I don’t know what all the options are for the Passport and cases/accessories, but I assume there’s a dearth of options so early in the device’s life cycle.

    The case looks functional and presentable and for $10, it seems a slam dunk.

    • bbjoe2011

      Thanks James, and yes…there isn’t much at all.

  • ray689

    Thanks for the info Joe…better start saving up my $400 Canadian.

    • bbjoe2011

      You still have that damn bear!!

  • nnik

    Great Joe… watermark your pictures though, someone will borrow them….unless you don’t mind of course

    • bbjoe2011

      I don’t know how!

      • Canuckvoip

        Just put a UTB sticker in the pic… works for me.
        Nice pouch, and nice review!!!

  • Anthony

    I’m waiting for the flip case with the stick on back from BlackBerry. The flip case is supposed to stick to the Passport’s back plate.

    • bbjoe2011

      Me too!

    • Blackjack

      I’m waiting for the slider case.

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    You said it was snug Joe. How do you go getting it out?

    • bbjoe2011

      There is enough room to fit your thumb and pointer finger around the phone, and then simply pull it out.

  • Blackjack

    Does it come with a Passport?
    If not it looks rather useless.

    • bbjoe2011

      No, it doesn’t but it serves as a nice buffer when throwing it in the same coat pocket as your keys or as a table coaster for when you don’t want to put your phone on the beer soaked bar table.

  • Blackjack

    Nice photos by the way Joe. Excellent lighting. What did you use for a camera since it clearly was not the Passport?

    • bbjoe2011

      My Q10, the trick is to have the camera focus on the darkest part of your picture or screen.

  • jrohland

    There is a charge dock available here:

  • Zensen

    Nice review.
    Is it hard to take out of the pocket? Do you find that you kinda need to tug at it that you might accidentally drop it?

    I’m assuming it’s still a pretty good fit into your Pockets and with enough protection when dropped from at least a metre. Otherwise, I have found no need for cases on all my physical keyboards but then again I have never had a phone with a keyboard with such a big screen either.

  • veeru789

    Not bad for the price. I don’t mind trying it.