Review: GripTight Tripod Mount For Smartphones

Joby GripTight Tripod Mount
The Joby GripTight allows you to mount your BlackBerry on to a tripod.

These days, smartphone cameras like the one in the Passport, can take pretty good photos. Even good enough for publishing. For me, the Passport is my everyday camera. I use it for almost all my photo needs, and video recording too. Yes, it’s that good.

And that means that I occasionally need to use a tripod, which raises the question “How do you mount your BlackBerry on a tripod ?”. Lucky for us, Joby has the answer. Their GripTight tripod mount allows you to quickly and easily mount your BlackBerry on a tripod.


It’s really a very simple and clever design. There’s only one way to use the GripTight, and it’s pretty obvious. You just screw the bottom onto the tripod’s plate, slide the plate onto your tripod, flip up the middle and top of the GripTight, and insert your BlackBerry.

Installing the GripTight is really quick and easy.
Installing the GripTight is really quick and easy.


The GripTight is small, thin and very light, weighing just a few grams, since it’s made mostly of plastic. You could easily use it as a key chain or just put it in your pocket without noticing that it’s even there.

It also has plastic rubber (TPE) on the parts that touch the phone. This helps prevent the BlackBerry from sliding or moving without leaving any marks on the phone. It worked very well for me when I used it; my BlackBerrys never even came close to sliding or moving, and it never left any marks of any kind on the BlackBerrys.

GripTight XL
The GripTight has plastic rubber (TPE) to grip the phone and not leave any marks.


The GripTight comes in three sizes: regular, XL, Sm Tablet.

The regular size holds phones that are between 54-72mm wide, and holds all BlackBerry phones except the Passport.

The XL size holds phones that are between 69-99mm wide, which includes all BB10 phones. In my tests, the XL was able to hold both the Z10 and the Passport equally well.

The Sm Tablet size holds devices that are between 96-140mm wide.

The GripTight regular and XL compared to the Z10.
The GripTight regular size and XL size compared to the Z10.

Really, the only drawback I found with the GripTight is the feel of it, which is expected since it’s made mostly of plastic. But that doesn’t seem to affect its reliability nor ruggedness. So it’s not much of an issue.

If you’re interested in using your BlackBerrys with a tripod, the GripTight is the best tripod mount for smartphones that I’ve found so far. You can get it at the UTB Blogs store, in the Featured Products section.


  • small, thin, light
  • easy to use
  • holds a wide range of devices
  • supports standard 1/4-inch tripod mount screws


  • plastic feel


I'm programmer with 13 years experience, and a former electronics technician. My first BlackBerry was a Z10, and I'm now rocking a Passport.