Reverend Grim Preaches… The Blind (Trying To) Lead The… Not So Blind

Hello there my fellow BlackBerrians!


What an interesting few days I’ve had…

Earlier this week I went into the closest Carphone Warehouse to me, it used to be the Phones4U in PC World but as they were silly enough to not work with any of the UK Carriers they couldn’t carry on…

Anyway, I walked in to an argument between 4 staff over what operating system was best, iOS or Android, I got warned by a member of staff from PC World what was going on and I simply replied “I’ll win this one then, BlackBerry all the way!”

I asked the manager of the store if I could have a look at the BlackBerry Passport.

Obviously they didn’t have one in stock but like a good salesman he asked if there was anything else I’d like to look at because, well, the Passport is a BlackBerry and no one wants one of those.

“What do you suggest then?”

“Well not Android,”, he said, looking over at the others, “its full of viruses. The iPhone6+, I have the iPhone6 and its brilliant!!

I tried not to burst into fits of laughter and somehow succeeded, “Apple don’t have security issues then?”

“Oh no, Apple have recently updated to iOS8, its great you see…”

I couldn’t help myself from here on in… ” is that the one that was released, messed up all the phones, had a new update that, er, messed up all the phones and then needed a further 3 updates to fix it only to get updated to iOS8.2 which strangely had the same issues? And how is the battery life compared to the Passport? And the security issue thing  – 12 or so hacks last year for Apple isn’t it? That’s fairly impressive for a phone which is supposedly better than Android and all its viruses you told me about, and yes, you are right on that count they are full of malware where as the BlackBerry doesn’t have any of those issues, doesn’t need as high spec to run the OS, but has it anyway, meaning its not screaming at the battery for more power so can run so much longer than any of the other phones on the market. The Passport can also run Android apps safely which as we just said even Android phones can’t do and BlackBerry are the only handset company to have been innovative with their handsets over the past 12 months.”

He looked very ‘sheepish’ and the other staff were in the background giggling at him!

I walked out and decided to go back to the Carphone Warehouse I always go to seeing as the manager there knows about phones… He has a Passport!

Then to make my Saturday evening, Mrs Grim and I took the Grimletts to watch the wrestling. Great seats were made even better by the iPhonian sitting in front of me trying to take pictures and video the nights entertainment.


We were only about 15 minutes into the night when she piped up “I can’t video any more and now it won’t let me take pictures!”

I thought I’d try and be helpful and said “Haven’t you got a bigger memory card on you?”


“It doesn’t take memory cards its just got the 16gb it came with.”

“That’s odd,” I said “my BlackBerry has 16GB AND can take a 128gb micro SD card… You know what phone to get next time then…”

This time the youngest Grimlett chuckled and said “That’s why I got a BlackBerry too, I’m not daft enough to follow the flock, I get everything everyone else has and more!”

I don’t know, kids today!

Before I go off to preach some more to the masses I’d like to direct you to UTB Geek where I have been doing a bit of ‘Moonlighting’ as it were and writing a few articles for UTB Rocks, if you like your music then trot along and have a look, you’ll also find a host of other ‘Geeky’ stuff going on too.

Don’t forget, you can find me on channels C000117D3 (Reverend Grim’s United Temple of BlackBerry) or C0021F214 (UTB Rocks) or of course on that twitty birdy thingy @CRAPPLEBASHING

So until next time, Rev Grim is outta here!

Reverend Grim

Who is Reverend Grim? Not many people know. He has a channel on BBMC C000117D3 where he smites the rotten Apple. He has a photographic channel too C0045B753 seeing as he's actually a photographer. All we know is that he preaches the safe, secure word... BLACKBERRY and BB10! He will welcome anyone #BacktoBlack and into the United Temple of BlackBerry for a sermon and a cup of tea, even Brad who doesn't understand a word he says!