Reverend Grim Preaches – New Year, Same Old Apple

And a Happy New Year to you all at the United Temple of BlackBerry!

Did you miss me?

Don’t worry, I’m always around – whose Christmas festivities would be the same without Rev Grim of BlackBerry, even in spirit?


But what do we have here?

Foul Play?

From Apple?


The tech giant has been ordered to hand over papers to the Canadian Competition Bureau. The agency investigates into whether Apple used unfair tactics to boost iPhone sales in the country, pointing out that the agreements Apple concluded with mobile networks could have encouraged the operators to increase the prices of rival phones.

I wonder why Apple would be doing that sort of thing in Canada? Is there some other mobile manufacturer in Canada that could cause a threat to the company that has the worlds best CEO (as voted by iPhonians) and under paid, over worked Chinese workers?

Thanks to huge Sheeple demand for the iPhone, Apple has considerable bargaining power when negotiating contracts with mobile operators. Now the Canadian Competition Bureau thinks that Apple has abused its position.

As if Apple would ever abuse anything or anyone?


Do we believe this?

Apple was given 3 months to provide all the documents to the agency, including the deals reached with Canadian mobile operators. In the meantime, the agency pointed out that it was possible Apple could challenge the right of Canadian courts to force its Canadian subsidiary to provide records held by the American parent company. On the other hand, the Canadian competition law enables the local courts to compel the production of documents held abroad.

Damn good thinking there… does it look like the Canadians might upset someone?


Back in 2013, the European Commission made a similar step, sending out a questionnaire to mobile network operators trying to find out Apple’s sales tactics with iPhones. The Commission claimed it had information that the company may have colluded with mobile network operators, which could have potentially led to the foreclosure of other smartphone manufacturers from the markets. The investigation was ignited by complaints from networks about the contracts that had been struck with the company. In result, no anti-trust investigation was started.

Maybe the European Commission needs to go back to the drawing board and take another LONG HARD LOOK!

We all know that this is going on where ever you go around the world, Apple trying to force the dodgy iProducts on the unsuspecting! Just look in EVERY mobile phone store’s front window… posters for who? Every week! Even my local Carphone Warehouse, it has posters up saying they have a sale on… AND A POSTER FOR THE iPhone 6!

I will be keeping a close eye on this, as will everyone else here at the United Temple of BlackBerry and you can be sure that when we here about anything more on this subject we will let you know!

Well, really, I wasn’t expecting a New year AND a new Apple… where you? New year same old Apple!

Well, I have to go and sooth my aching skull, I had a very… Jolly new year, I think the alcohol went straight to my head… till later then…

Reverend Grim is outta here!

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