Reverend Grim Preaches – It doesn’t matter about Jailbreaking now!

Hello there from a wet, wintry UK, we have a little bit of every weather here except that nice stuff that come from the mythical orange ball in the sky!


Well now, do you remember that Masque Attack thing on jailbroken iDevices?

You do? well you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to be jailbroken anymore! That’s right, Computer security company Trend Micro reports that it has discovered a malicious iOS app that can target both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. This little rascal needs the user to click an external link (delivered via text / email / web or however you want to send it), which would then install the malware onto the used device. The app is signed with the iOS Developer Enterprise Program certificate – a resource for developing specific in-house corporate apps for business, which should, naturally, not be distributed via the App Store – this is why there is a method for them to be installed externally. The spyware is called Xagent, and is developed as part of a malware distribution effort, which Trend Micro calls Operation Pawn Storm, due to its strategy – an attempt to infect as many devices of non high-profile users, hoping that it would eventually push the malware on to a high-profile (military, government, media, etc.) target’s system.


There you go all you naysayers, exactly why military and governments use BlackBerry!

Once it gets itself on an iOS 7 system, it will run permanently – even stopping the process will cause it to restart, while on iOS 8 – the app has a visible icon, and its process can’t restart itself, which means that it has trouble overcoming Apple’s latest security (For now) good news, since iOS 8 adoption rate is currently at 72%. But like I said said… FOR NOW!

Data theft is the name of the game for Xagent, as it attempts to collect the user’s text messages, contact lists, photos, locations, record voice, get a list of other apps and processes running on the handset, and keep an eye on Wi-Fi status. Much like every other thing that’s floating around your iPhone!

Obviously, the malware relies on the fact that some users will just click “OK” on any prompt that pops up… which most sheeple will do blindly because they will think this is an Apple thing and also believe that Apple security is top notch! iDiots!

Well, now you know we here at the United Temple of BlackBerry are trying to convert these unfortunates…

If we don’t who will?

Join me soon at the Temple @CRAPPLEBASHING or the Forums!

Until next time…

Reverend Grim is outta here!


Reverend Grim

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