Reverend Grim Preaches… iOS8 Is Still Not Right!

Good evening again my jolly happy BlackBerrians. Have you got your Passport yet? How many Sheeple have you converted this week?


Be sure to let me know!

I have a feeling it’s not going to be to hard to get them #BackToBlack after checking out Apple Support!

Poor old Indin Rezeai has this to say…

Since I bought this device I enjoyed it, everywhere I suggested it to my friends and co-workers. Until I upgraded its iOS from 7.1.2 to 8.0.2. The battery usage is as quickly as a Ferrari, no applications of previously purchased can be re-downloaded (I had to restore it and I lost all of them during upgrading). Honestly they really disappointed me. I have done any offer I read and saw on webpages, it’s my same ID and nothing has changed. I reset all settings, network settings, used another Wi-Fi, used 3G, synced with my itunes on my laptop, and solutions you can think about during these couple of weeks. I expect apple to do something for the loyal customers which prefer their great company to another ones.

I’m afraid Smeagal7 is having problems too…

I am using Outlook 2007 with my iPhone 5 under iOS 8.0.2.  Prior to this upgrade, my phone and PC sync perfectly without any issues.  After I upgraded to iOS 8.0.2, I have no syncing with Outlook or the phone, it is as if they are NOT communicating at all.  My calendar is locked into place and nothing is changing.  I have tried adding info on the phone, than sync’d-nothing.  I added info on the PC (Outlook), than sync’d-again nothing!  I have reset the phone, I have restored the phone and all have not changed anything.  I cannot believe I am the only person having trouble with Outlook and the phone with the 8.0.2 upgrade.  Has anyone had this problem?  Has anyone who had the problem fixed it?

I have tried everything and the only way I was able to resolve this is to use the iCloud calendar in ALL areas, instead of the default Outlook Calendar.  I have synced the Outlook default Calendar and the iCloud Calendar so they contain the same data.  I have changed the iCloud settings on my iPhone to sync with the Calendar in iCloud and now they are syncing properly.  I still have no idea why the Outlook default Calendar won’t sync through iTunes.

If anyone can figure out how to sync with the default Outlook Calendar, please post here and advise.  THANKS!

JuiceHK seems to be having an age old problem that all iPhone users get after an updated iOS,

Here is the problem. My 6 plus disconnect my home wifi automatically eveyday. I need to restart my phone everyday to make it reconnect to my wifi. Currently running on IOS8.0.2. Is there anyway to solve it? Or we need to wait for Apple to make a newer IOS version?

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8, 64 GB

That’s right, he’s got an iPhone bend, not connecting to the wifi should be the least of his worries!

And there seems to be a problem with AirPrint, 4 pages of problems so far…

After upgrade to iOS 8 is impossible to print with network printers with my iphone 5s, anyone have the same problem? My friend with iOS7 use the network printers normally.

iPhone 5s, iOS 8

, , are just a few complaining along with

Experienced the identical problem with my Samsung CLX-3305FN. Since the update to iOS8 on my iPad2, iPad mini retina, iPhone 5 and one iPhone 5s the Airprint is broken. Tried to solve this with several routines to reset and initiate the different Components in a certain sequence. None of them led to fix the problem, so don´t waste your time. It seems to me clear to be an iOS 8 issue, due to my iPad1 on iOS 5 prints without any issue using the Airprint function. A helpdesk call, support case is not answered as well as the Bug-Report I send to Apple, so it seems the problem is not fixed until now. The only thing might solve this is the next iOS 8.x release for my understanding.


Side note:

All of it is very disappointing as time consuming. You can get the impression Apple is going more and more to use the costumer as the test bench, instead of to secure basic functions are confirmed prior the release to public.



In my understanding quality means really something different as something called customer appreciation too, by the way…

The natives seem to be getting restless, maybe not all, but some of them are beginning to see the real face of Apple, the UN-caring company, the company that won’t unlock Andrea Grant’s iPad, the 59-year-old woman passed away due to cancer earlier this year, she left her sons Josh and Patrick as the co-executors of her will and estate.

The brothers claim that their mother used her iPad regularly, but failed to tell her sons her Apple ID password. When the brothers tried to restore factory settings on the device, they were told by Apple that they needed “written permission from Mum.”

When they informed Apple that their mother was dead, Apple asked for a copy of her death certificate, will, and a letter from their solicitor — alongside a court order to unlock the iPad.

In a blog reporting the experience, one son noted that:

“I have always been a fan of Apple but this incident has changed my opinion of them completely. Their utter lack of understanding and discretion in a time of great personal sadness has been astonishing. For a company that sells itself on the idea we are all part of one big Apple family, they have been very cold.”
In February, Apple updated its iCloud Free Account terms and conditions to warn: “You agree that your Account is non-transferable and that any rights to your Apple ID or Content within your Account terminate upon your death.”
Yep, wriggled out of that one didn’t you! As if their mother is going to give written permission! OK, so Tim Cook might sit and talk to Steve Jobs every evening before bed to let him know the latest developments… NOT! Why on earth, if she left it to her son’s in her will, won’t they unlock it for them? I mean, it’s a bit late to be taking a moral high ground on security issues is it not? anyone can look at your stuff on the iCloud or your iPhone if you’re alive but once you’re dead that’s it, no one is allowed a look in?
Honestly, how can these people sleep at night? Not very securely I’m sure… for more than a few reasons hey?
Good news though in the mass conversion department, I have converted a whole company a friend works for to BlackBerry. OK, it’s not a multinational company but they do work across the whole of the UK, and how did I do it? I showed them my Z10 and the power of the HUB! I also explained how the phone can be two phones at once, I had to do it very basic as they all use iPhones “DURING WORK HOURS IT WILL ACCEPT BUSINESS CALLS, OUTSIDE WORK HOURS IT WILL REVERT BACK TO A PERSONAL PHONE” I think the light may have pinged on when he said “so… we won’t need to carry two phones?”
“That’s awesome!”
After a few word’s on which handset’s BlackBerry have I think the four bosses are going for the Passport (he seemed very excited about the large screen because they do a lot of under ground and tight space CCTV work and thinks that they could send video properly to each other to talk about when miles apart) and the other staff Z30’s (again, after explaining how everyone love’s the battery life, it was a no brainer, even for an ex sheep!) I also guided him to read up a bit on BlackBerry Blend, he had a chuckle and said “I’m guessing that’s better than iPhone BEND!”
Well, he had a Right Reverend Education and is now looking forward to having a smoother running company!
And, with that said, I’m going to retreat to my vestry and have a nice warming mug of tea on this cold, wet and windy UK night.
So, until I next tap away on the keyboard of the almighty United Temple of BlackBerry I shall bid you farewell.
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Reverend Grim is outta here!

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