Reverend Grim Listening To You, My Congregation!

Oh how the days fly by, here we are ready to receive this weeks words of wisdom already.


This week I asked my BBMC channel subscribers what they would like to hear a sermon about. Well, after looking through what people want me to ‘Sermonize’ as such I’ve decided to do this…

Andrea (Welsh + Canadian flag… Where are you then? BBMC C0041Ef85) Asked…

When you are amongst a group of non BlackBerry people and have 60 seconds to defend why BB is better what would you say? What would be your top items to list I’m often in this situation and would like to do my answer justice!

Well Andrea of multiple places…

Start with the fact that anything their phone can do BB does better, if its against iPhone then multi tasking, Android well, honestly who do you know that knows how to shut down an android app quickly? going into menu’s to hit a ‘kill switch’ as such, App’s, Who has the most apps? Well every where I look one analyst says iOS another says Android, well realistically BlackBerry beats both as it runs BB app’s and Android app’s so they are all wrong and can shut up now. Next hit them with battery power, Apple, well, they’re just a bunch of wall huggers and Android phones, if you don’t shut down all those app’s properly then your battery will be flatter than an iPhone with a broken lightning cable!

Oh, and when they all say “well our phone’s spec is better” well, sorta, on paper, because Android and iOS needs massively huge specs to run basic tasks like turning on, BlackBerry 10 doesn’t need all that spec to run as the OS isn’t a resource hog like the others and doesn’t need the extra to run things like… and here’s the final part of the argument… Malware and backdoor stuff the NSA have installed… Yes Andrea, Security, no matter what anyone says they will never win the mobile security war against BlackBerry! that may take you over 60 seconds but I have tried to make it as quick as possible, there are so many more reasons that BlackBerry is better than the others and if they don’t believe you send them to us here at the United Temple of BlackBerry!

Carlos (Brazil BBMC C004BC2BC) asks…

It always makes me wonder why, when some negative reality on iPhone comes out its never reported widely in the Media. It’s like an after thought or they put a funny spin on it. I sometimes think they have all been “bought out”. ¬†Seeded free devices with who knows what ever other goodies….where has objective and free thinking gone…I guess to the almighty greenback

Well Carlos, I and many others think much the same thing! With all the iPhone 6 problems this year alone, all those ‘Gates’ the sheeple seem to be herded behind it amazes me that they have not been shut down, look at all the lies! Ebook scandal, Celebrity nude pictures being leaked and only 9 bent phones… either Apple are paying big bucks for the press etc to keep lying for them, Apple have got some serious doggy doo on them that these people don’t want out in public or they are just so blinded by the rotten apple core that they can’t see the truth when it bite’s em in the ass! The tide does seem to be on the turn though, looks like one or two maggot’s have been found bitten in half and the Apple eater has started to question “why is there half a maggot in my Apple” some have even gone as far to say “If there is only half a maggot in my Apple… where is the other half?” let’s hope it continues!

Leechi asks

Since there are so many sheeple still saying it, how about ‘Are you one of the nine?’ – OR ‘The Bend Test App’

Well, as you will see Leechi I replied to your comment with a link to Brother Brad’s article ‘Tracking Down The Nine’ Perhaps you missed that one or are a new member to the congregation, maybe, to make sure you don’t miss future groundbreaking articles you should subscribe to our (Verified) UTB channel (C0028049B)where Jesse posts every article that gets published on UTB, mark it as a favorite and you’ll get a notification every time one is published!

“Poita” (Netherlands and English Flag… another multi cultural member?) asks…

How about how BlackBerry fact check is working out?

Well Poita, I think its working pretty damned well, I’ve noticed a few of the trollish blog/so called new’s sites are beginning to reign it in a bit because they have had they’re buttocks prodded with a rather large boot and a lot of the sheeple are being told by the BlackBerriens to zip it for five minutes and go read up on what they are talking about, Unfortunately some of the press are still stuck with Apple in the past, you know what I mean, thinking that BlackBerry only make phones with qwerty keypads and that NFC is the new best thing since sliced bread… but the myths are getting distilled and Chen willing, BlackBerry will be pushing its way back up the ladder!

ronaldo peralta asks…

How iOS8.1 got hacked in China

Well Ronaldo, I’m guessing that it got hacked the same way everyone else gets in, either through a plaster that has slipped off where Apple tried to fix it last time or (I think this is what Apple would go with) Someone managed to guess the user ID and a huge password and got in that way like they did with the celebrity photo hack, whoever it is has a real knack of guessing 100 usernames and passwords in one day! It still amazes me that the sheeple are so blind, take the wally Dlarus6 for example, I’ve mentioned him a few times now from BGR, he seem’s to think Apple ALLOW people to ‘Jailbreak’ iOS on purpose and that they could stop in whenever they want… well Dlarus6, in recent light of Mac’s and iPhones getting Malware on them through the ‘Jailbreak’ system don’t you think Apple need to close that door now?

Ramzig C000C39AB (USA flag and Lebanon Flag… why all the flag’s people? you can only be in one place at a time!) asks…

How about you talk about what to expect from the BlackBerry/Investors day coming up next week in San Francisco?

Well, there’s a toughie for me, you see all these numbers etc just seem to swamp my head, we’ve got this, lost this, gained this, moved this, shoved this, expect this and did this… honestly I get so confused! I think, without numbers, that BlackBerry will say they have done better than expected and will do better still into the next bit, after all, the Passport is a great success, the Classic is coming out and 10.3.1 will be gracing all our phone’s soon meaning we will be able to do even more than the people we know with they’re inferior handset’s!

Tim C00123051 asks…

How about iMessage being more secure than BBM. That sounds just a little fishy to me.

Well Tim, by Ital1 will fill you in better than I can! Needles to say a hell of a lot of iDiots jumped on this one, the thing you need to remember is BBM is a PIN number, if you meet someone and they ask you for a phone number you can say ‘Oh, here’s my BBM PIN’ and if they turn out to be some sort of bunny boiler you can delete them and not accept future invitations where as if they have your phone number… you can delete them from whatsapp, viber and what ever other messaging app you have but they STILL have your number and its a hell of a lot of hassle to change your phone number then tell EVERYONE that you do want to have it what it is… and that’s after all the text messages and strange phone calls at 3am! BBM win’s hands down! YOU as a person are secure!

Snowflake07 C001C604D… Thank you so much for re-posting this! One of your subscribers Joe C00441B1E asked…

All ready belong to would like to see more on the BB Z70

Well Joe, to start, I’m glad you already come along and see us at the United Temple of BlackBerry and I hope you will continue to visit, I have replied to you on Snowflakes channel but I will mention you here as well, The Z70 is a concept phone (I had to look it up) meaning that, at least for now, its exactly that, a concept… an idea, something someone would like to see. Yes there are some mock up pictures of it and some spec’s, but again these are just made up things, we won’t be reporting on things that do not come from BlackBerry or any other solid source, but maybe if you sign up to the UTB forums this is something you can chat about there with other like minded people… maybe we have some members already that have ideas, concepts in their heads they want to talk about or show but maybe afraid to in other ‘more dubious’ fan sites for fear of ridicule… who knows? If there are some of you out there lets get going!

Well, up until this point in time I have answered EVERYONE that has left a comment. If you are reading this and you have left a comment in someone else’ channel because they reposted it from mine go back along there and give them a kick up the backside! they didn’t tell me that they reposted it therefore I have not been along to look! And it just goes to show you should follow my channel to get all my stuff fresh… not second hand news! Go on, C000117D3, subscribe now and get me from 584 subscribers up to 900… or better still lets see if we can break the 1000 mark!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this weeks sermon that has been brought to you from my amazing channel subscribers, I’ve enjoyed it I must say!

If you did enjoy the way it’s been done this week what do you think on me doing it like this more often? A monthly thing maybe? Let me know via the comments, @CRAPPLEBASHING or my channel!

Don’t forget the forum’s either! Sign up and let me know your there and we could have a chin wag there too over a nice cup of tea!

Well, for now I shall take leave of the pulpit until next time I’m here to preach to you all, I will however go off and find all my other Brothers and Sisters in the United Temple of BlackBerry and urge them to continue their splendid work on your behalf.

So, for now…

Reverend Grim is outta here!


Reverend Grim

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