Reverend Grim Finds Another Parable!

Good morning my fellow Blackberrians, and what a fine morning it is.

Why? Have you heard the story of David and Goliath? Of course you have… have you heard the story of  Deric and Apple?

David and Goliath

No? Well, let me begin…

Once upon a time there was an evil corporation named Apple, they would take things from little companies and people without permission, they also said things that were pure fallacy but people would believe them, this evil corporation had little legionnaires dotted around the world to draw in more and more sheeple to follow their evil ways, but one day there was a follower that rebelled… his name was Deric White, the iDevice he owned went wrong so he went along to the Regent Street branch of Apple to get his iPhone fixed, he left it with the legionnaires for around 20 minutes then picked it up and returned home and noticed that photos and videos from his honeymoon in the Seychelles earlier that year had disappeared. Also missing were photos from an earlier African safari trip, all of his contacts, and photos of medics who looked after him during his successful 10-month battle with cancer of the oesophagus.

Representing himself in court he originally tried claiming £5000 for damages so that he could take another holiday to re-take the pictures but came away with £1200 damages and £800 costs totaling £2000 which he will be putting towards a holiday to Cornwall… and hopefully a new BlackBerry. On leaving court Deric White said “It’s not so much the money that I have won, but it’s the moral victory. Apple is just an enormous conglomerate and everyone said you can’t win this, they said you can’t take on Apple. It’s absolutely fabulous, it’s a monumental victory.” He claimed Apple has remained “intransigent” over the 12-month ordeal, and didn’t offer any compensation until the judge at Central London County Court ruled in White’s favour. “I would not let go,” White told theEvening Standard. “Having fought cancer, I was not going to get defeated by Apple. My wife was reduced to tears when they wiped my phone. Everyone tells me this has happened to them or their mate. I did this for the common man. I would say to anybody who has got a gripe with Apple – don’t let them boss you about and ignore you. Other people should be inspired – you can’t keep getting trod on by corporations coming at you with Ts and Cs.”

Well done, Deric! You’re an inspiration to us all!

Well, my fellow Blackberrians, let’s stand up and fight, let’s show that the little group can make a difference! Let’s get #BackToBlack!

So, for now I shall leave you to contemplate my sermon, hopefully you have learned that we and BlackBerry can fight back!

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Source IBTimes.

Reverend Grim

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