Reverend Grim Asks… Why No Apps For BlackBerry?

Yes my fellow BlackBerrians it the age old question we all ask here at the United Temple of BlackBerry, Why can’t we have the same apps as everyone else?


I have been pondering this for some time now and have several different theories…

The first is that the developers are much like the rest of the fandroids and sheeple in the way they think “We can’t make app’s for BlackBerry because they don’t exist” or “My app would never work on a Curve 8520 so whats the point?” and of course the classic “no one uses BlackBerry any more”

We all know that this is a huge pile of rotten fruit and so do some of the developers now what with the Classic and Passport making a huge impact in the world now, so what other excuses are there?

There’s the “Oh, I exclusively make apps for Google, sorry… oh, and Apple… I’ve done some for the Windows phone too…” Yep, that old chestnut, Exclusivity… which means they are being given incentives to stay away from other platforms (Unless its developed under a different name)

The one I’m beginning to think might be the reason we don’t get the developers make apps for us is this…


BlackBerry Security!

That’s right, I said it! I think there are a large number of developers out there who will not come over to BlackBerry because they have so many security issues with their applications that one, BlackBerry would just throw it in the bin and two, it might just get out that there are more holes in the other inferior operating systems than anyone initially thought, after all, BlackBerry would have to say something about an app which sends all your personal data else where wouldn’t they?

Oh, hang on… is that where the mighty rotten fruit company is going wrong? The whole thing is an APPle not an operating system at all, is that what it is, the iPhone has one BIG app that is just MALWARE! Made originally by the NSA then sold on to APPle to use on their “iNnovative” phones as an OS!

Just today the so called journalist Zack Whittaker, who also calls himself an editor, proved to the world that he is up in the ‘I don’t know about the word research’ gang by saying BlackBerry hadn’t got the FreakAttack thing sorted. Well, as a certain Brother Biggly pointed out, actually YES, yes they have. What he also neglected to say was that nobody else has it sorted either, but then why would he want to put the mighty Apple or Google down? Is he in their back pocket?

I tweeted the so called reporter and asked why he hadn’t pointed out that no one else had pulled their fingers out of their bottoms and guess what the reply I got was…


That’s right, I tweeted him Brother Biggly’s article to try and help him out, after all, if he’s ‘Apple blind’ he may need help in the reporting area so that he doesn’t look like a twonk in front of everyone, but, alas, he looks a twonk!

Does anyone have any ideas how we can try and get these so called reporters on the right track? Its been going on way too long, the so called boy genius’s that aren’t so genius after all, the big Charlies that blame BlackBerry for the London riots or people like Zaky boy who obviously just don’t like BlackBerry so decide to put them down just for the sake of it.

Maybe we round them all up and make them use a BlackBerry, maybe then they will see what so many others are slowly finding out –

The tech is here

The innovation is here

The Apps ARE here

The battery life is here

The best social media chat room is here

The hardware is here

The security is here

These iDiots have their eyes covered by wool so won’t even try BB10, I mean, every time the BBC use a picture for BlackBerry its showing a row of BBOS phones! We’ve had BB10 over two years!

Am I ranting? So what if I am? None of them would hear anything bad about the other precious Operating Systems!


So, next time you see one of these… sheeple, ask them what makes their phone so precious.

Every time they say something, just point out that your BlackBerry does that AND does it better.

Once they have been deflated start showing them the stuff your BlackBerry does that isn’t an option on their iNferior handset and twist that little knife some more, then go for the kill, tell them how many times BlackBerry has to fix the new OS update once its been released, that’s right, they don’t, or of course if its an Android user tell them that ‘My Mates Z10 is 2 years old and has just got the new OS update that I have on my new Passport… Can’t you get the new OS update on your  6 month old Samsung? Why’s that then?’

 The answer to that one, of course, is simple.

It’s NOT a BlackBerry.

Reverend Grim

Who is Reverend Grim? Not many people know. He has a channel on BBMC C000117D3 where he smites the rotten Apple. He has a photographic channel too C0045B753 seeing as he's actually a photographer. All we know is that he preaches the safe, secure word... BLACKBERRY and BB10! He will welcome anyone #BacktoBlack and into the United Temple of BlackBerry for a sermon and a cup of tea, even Brad who doesn't understand a word he says!