Rev Grim Preaches… What’s This Birthday Gift?

Hello once again my, excuse me a moment, I’m getting choked up, friendly and caring congregation!

Why am I getting all emotional? Because of all the Birthday wishes I was sent yesterday over BBM and here… I thank you! You make my job here so much better by showing your kindness…


Unfortunately, something happened that started to put a bit of a downer on the day, a new phone was mentioned… yes, that’s right The big news at 01:06am that made my phone ping… the all new, the all innovative…

Amazon Fire Phone!


That’s right! As well as Amazon coming to BlackBerry in BB10.3 they have released their own phone with their own OSFire3.5.1 (unfortunately built on Android (remember the ‘Building strong foundations’ Sermon? I don’t think Amazon read that one… ) which has ‘Firefly’.

You point the Fire Phone at a magazine, press a dedicated ‘Firefly’ button and it will tell you what magazine your reading… hmm, I have something called EYES in my head, if I can see the magazine to point my phone at it then I don’t need my phone to tell me what I’m looking at… Ok, it will also scan QR codes (my Z10 does that) Album and DVD covers (my eyes again) phone numbers and email addresses (eyes) TV and songs (ears and if I don’t know it I have an app for that) and 1000’s of products… again, eyes are fairly useful for identifying things, still, A LOT more iNnovative than another company that makes phones.

You will also get a years Amazon Prime included so you can watch films, TV and listen to music on the go… hmm, I hope you have lots of data on your allowance… and of course Mayday that you get on your Kindle… well, not my Kindle, I’ve only got the old book reading one, you know, the one your grandparents have because you bought it for them to save them going to the library every week and now they think they are tech heads… I like to read in bed, leave me alone!

Anyhow, you get that on the phone too, you’ve seen the advert, the young red head that admits she has a candy crush addiction, Amy… Well you don’t get to talk to her because she’s busy, she’s actually Amy Paffrath. She’s an actress who has been a host for MTV and E!, starred in an insanely popular pop punk music video for the band Paramore, did some stand-up, appeared on some sitcoms and TV movies, and also¬†wrote and directed the not-so-subtly titled “Boner Killers” sketch comedy YouTube series. Never mind, I’m sure who ever you get will be just as nice and fingers crossed not be addicted to Candy Crush!

So, all in all Amazon should have sent me a birthday card and not an email boasting about a phone that isn’t a BlackBerry (now if Mr Chen had emailed me about getting a new phone… then rapture indeed!)

Anyway, to let you know how my day went other than a rude disturbance, quite nice, set up my new PC (And now my blogs ARE faster to do… this PC doesn’t crash every 3 minutes!) Round to friends for A LOT of pizza, home with Grimletts and Mrs Grim and a few beverages before bed, A nice day throughout!

Well, its time for me to kick back a little, enjoy the fact the kids are at school once again and maybe do a little bit of research on my new PC for my next sermon with a nice big mug of tea and some Hobnobs before my serenity is destroyed by fighting Grimletts… So for now I will sign off…

Rev Grim o… hang on… I’m sure I forgot something… some new tech, some MASSIVE deal yesterday… erm… oh, someone put NFC on their new phone and has got a new watch that they won’t let anyone look at… was that it? Ha, who cares? Probably some second rate cheap phone manufacturer that is so behind the times their stock prices have dropped 80% in the last two years because they can’t keep things safe and think NFC is new! What a bunch of jokers!

So, seeing as it wasn’t important or revolutionary enough to change the world I’m sorry for wasting your time with it!

Rev Grim is outta here!

Oh, and all cakes gratefully received as the United Temple of BlackBerry believed that baking is good for the soul. Particularly ones with jam and cream.



Reverend Grim

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