Rev Grim Preaches – Time To Educate The iGnorant


Hello there you awfully lucky BlackBerrians, I hope all is good for you and your secure operating system?

Well some iDiots at BGR seem to think that BlackBerry don’t exist, good old Brother BigglyBobblyBoo put them straight!

And while he was putting them straight I set about the silly sheeple that had started to bleat on that BlackBerry were dead, honestly, it was like being in a Phones4U store here in Britain – I’m sure you have your equivalent in your country too, my brethren, the ones who pretend we don’t? Because they took the wrong pill, as Brother Canuck likes to call it?

I’m afraid your dear Reverend is beginning to smell their desperation.

Anyway… off to the wonderful land of Geller your Reverend went preaching and it was an education in iDiocy, I have to say. Still, it is my job to bring light where there is nothing but darkness – in this case it was pitch black as you will see.

One iDiot in particular named dlarus6 seemed to think that he was the leading brains on how much better than BlackBerry Apple are!

I had to do something about this!

It all started with his comment:

dlarus6 – Blackberry-“The death knell is upon us. We hope to keep you supported through your easy transition with the Apple iPhone”.

Oh dear, I have my own quill for this sort of thing but this lost soul just have signed their own death warrant!

dlarus6 – People who buy products certainly aren’t “normal.” In fact, they’re such crazy ones that they can see right past the sticker prices to the TCO. We apple users generally spend a bit more upfront, far less over time, and gain far more enjoyment and productivity overall. That’s not overdoing anything. That’s simply the smart play. Because apple product users are smarter than “normal.”

Berry Good – LMFAO..sure you do. You love your Apple products so much and get so much enjoyment out of them… yet iNsecure iFans like yourself troll BBRY articles like clockwork.

(I like Berry, I joined in here!)

Rev Grim – That’s not over paying? You get an upgrade every 6 months and stand in line at an Apple store to buy it! You really are an iDiot!

dlarus6 – Don’t know where you live but here in the U.S it’s every two years. Get off the pipe and embrace apple iPhone.

Rev Grim – Ok for you to exaggerate… what I’m trying to say is you fork out for a tweak to a phone that’s so old with no security what so ever! as for being on the pipe, if I was then I’d be an iPhone user like you, good luck in the future, your gonna need it!

Berry Good – According to Apple fanboys, the average consumer wins out when all non-Apple devices are eradicated and everyone is using the same iCult device.

dlarus6 – That’s what both your CEOs thought of  iPhone in 2007 that it was DOA and look what happened it bit them in the a**

Rev Grim – And security is biting apple in the ass! As well as all the other scandal!

dlarus6 – Security: it doesn’t really get any more secure than iOS. There is no root login, there is no arbitrary code execution, all code must be signed by Apple or a third party enterprise authorised by Apple Sysadmins can block all software installation company wide, or lock it down to specific apps Is that the rumble I felt??

Rev Grim – You really are the most stupid blind iDiot I’ve ever had the misfortune to bump into, if you think iOS is secure then this is the end of the conversation, how many hacks this year? Honestly, you… in fact there are no words to describe you! goodbye!

dlarus6 – That’s all you have after proving you wrong lol. Blackberry-“The death knell is upon us. We hope to keep you supported through the your easy transition with the apple iPhone”.

Rev Grim – Like I said in another comment… apple security… ever heard of Jailbreak? honestly your a bigger joke than Apple security is!

dlarus6 – It’s over for poorberry embrace the change. You only live once, you deserve an apple iPhone.

Rev Grim – You really are delusional! That’s your argument for jailbreak? Face it, your never going to win!

dlarus6 – You really think apple can’t stop jailbreak? LMAO it’s allowed for development to further the ecosytem. And I’m the delusional one hahahaha this is so easy. Following the death scent.

Rev Grim – You don’t need to follow it, apple already have it, they can’t stop jailbreak even when they tried, same as the fake iCloud that is unlocking stolen/lost iPhones…
Face it, BlackBerry are on the up, apple is slipping.

dlarus6 – Have another drink. Those meds are wearing off.

Rev Grim – Think you need to go back to that pipe you were talking about, you don’t seem to have any real arguments do you, I will leave you to carry on with your iLife, enjoy it!

Brother BigglyBobblyBoo joins in too!

BigglyBobbyBoo – Erm… is your point that a BlackBerry can’t do that? I would hope not. For someone of obvious intelligence that would display a high level of ignorance or wilful misdirection.

dlarus6 – BB users….Willful denial of reality.

BigglyBobbyBoo – I’m sorry to have to ask as it would seem you don’t really want to answer but which is it? You know best it would seem so let’s hear what you think BlackBerry 10 can’t do. Is this one of those things?

Rev Grim – It’s iPhone going to die, why is it you trolls can’t seem to read anything other than old negative news? And when it comes to security why on earth does anyone want to share everything with the NSA… or anyone else that can open a back door?

dlarus6 – 1.1 to 2 % OMG NO WAY IM SOOOOOO HAPPY BB rose from 100 people too 110. Apple is doomed I tell you DOOMED

Rev Grim – If you have the brain capacity to read the full report you will also notice apple went from 100 people to 75. If I were you… think twice before throwing stones from a glass house!

dlarus6 – Whats that rumble I felt in Canada? Could it be…?

Rev Grim – Yep, it’s your glass house shattering! Shame I’m not in Canada, and it’s a shame you can’t ever come up with a decent argument, glad you’re of the 75 iPhone users out there, it wouldn’t be much fun otherwise…

dlarus6 – Some people prefer amazing while other people prefer mediocre.

Rev Grim – You honestly should just give up, these are now just your opinions because you can’t come up with good arguments, everyone who reads this will know you got stung. Good bye!

dlarus6 – You’re the one that got throughly thrashed. The fastest phone on the planet is here and apple iPhone is gonna take what little Poorberry has left. Embrace change. The real phone is already here.

Rev Grim – Dreamer! As you have already been told, the Z30 beats the iPhone hands down! Stupid wallhugger!

And then… NOTHING! no come back at all, he also gets his iButt handed to him by Berry Good when he tries to (iStupidly) tell him iPhone is better than BlackBerry… infact, going through a large amount of bgr’s lies… I mean articles I see dlarus6 is a HUGE troll, always trying the same argument that we BlackBerrians seem to hear daily…

Apple iPhone is pure innovation, in 2007 they made the first touchscreen phone and been ahead of the market since… baahh baahh bahh…

Well that a lie to start with! Motorola have that accolade way before, 2000 in fact!

Then in 2003 Nokia had a damn good bash at making them, the 7700, 7710, 6708 and the 770 internet tablet!

Nokia 2003 Touchscreen

Do we see where I’m coming from?

When you look through the history of mobile phones and smartphones there is one thing that always (for me at least) jumps out…

BlackBerry is always FIRST…

Yes, other manufacturers came along and made an all touchscreen, singing and dancing handset but who made it work properly? Who has always waited before throwing a new phone out and then said “having the NSA being able to look at everything is ok… and yes, anyone else that in Starbucks…

Sharing is caring…” NOT BlackBerry, they get it right THEN release it and they know full well that you qon’t need to spend $800 to get get the update… I mean first we had BB10… then BB10.1… BB10.2 and very soon all us lucky devils are going to get 10.3!

With every update we have had some great additions to our phones, great tweaks and with 10.3… well, I can’t wait… and with these updates how many new handsets have we had to buy to get them?


Now then sheeple, how much have you spent to get a shiny new S put on your handset and updates that actually either kill your phone, trash your cell signal or wireless, turn your phone into an iPod touch, open more doors for hackers to enter… the list is endless isn’t it really?

That’s what we at the United Temple of BlackBerry are trying to tell you, yes, BlackBerry may turn up late to a lot of the parties, but by heck, when they turn up they do it in style and get it spot on right! Oh, is that Mr Cook I see in the kitchen?

Anyway my dear brethren, its time for me to lay my aching head down, not to count sheep with iPhones and get a well earned sleep.

Don’t forget the forums, tweety bird thingy (hash what?) and my BBM Channel

I may be a little late with next weeks sermon as I will be taking Mrs Grim and the Choir Grims on a long weekends jaunt… maybe we will meet and turn a few sheeple on our little road trip?

So, until the next time I, your spiritual guide from the United Temple of BlackBerry, regales you with the teachings of the Word, keep safe, keep secure and keep coming to… you’ll be needing a BlackBerry for that then… lucky you!

Well, you’re welcome to pop along with anything to be fair, it’s only a matter of time before you see the light.

Until then you will always find your Reverend at hand to help and support those of a delusional nature who haven’t yet found their way back to the path of enlightenment.

And if they don’t come to me, don’t worry, I’ll happily go to them!

Until next week then…

Rev Grim out… for now!

Reverend Grim

Who is Reverend Grim? Not many people know. He has a channel on BBMC C000117D3 where he smites the rotten Apple. He has a photographic channel too C0045B753 seeing as he's actually a photographer. All we know is that he preaches the safe, secure word... BLACKBERRY and BB10! He will welcome anyone #BacktoBlack and into the United Temple of BlackBerry for a sermon and a cup of tea, even Brad who doesn't understand a word he says!