Rev Grim Preaches… Go Wash Your Dirty Laundry Then!

Hello there my loyal congregation.

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I know it’s been a while but unfortunately that thing called real life came knocking, the graphics are great but the game play is awful!

But never mind, I’m here now!

Did you read Brother Brad’s excellent article¬†from Saturday?

It got me thinking about the comments made by the Other (not so) smartphone users, the ones like “I have nothing to hide” or “Why would anyone hack my phone?” and “What on earth have I got that criminals would want?” as well as other ridiculous comments!

Then I started thinking about the people who say these stupid things, people like… MY SISTER!

Yes, she is an iPhonian, why? Because her stupid husband says iPhones are good and the way to go… Yes, I’d believe the multiple cheater too, but anyway, She is one of the people that say these stupid comments and she is also one of those stupid people that announces her entire life over Facebook… oh how I hate that social media thing!

She must post something every ten minutes!

7:15 – Just got up.

7:27 – Kettle on, making tea and breakfast.

7:48 – kids won’t get ready for school, going to be late.

7:52 – Going for a pooh.

The whole world knows exactly what is going on in her life and so many other peoples lives because they advertise the fact they are now, as my sister put it on her wedding day “Just walking down the aisle to my future husband” Really? Everyone you’d want to know that was there surely? (Oh, except me, I didn’t go!) Can you see where I’m coming from? People that say they don’t care, really don’t care, after all they seem to wash their dirty laundry in public on Facebook etc, so why worry about privacy?

Well, for those iPhonians and Androidians that might be reading this here is a list of things that we at the United Temple of BlackBerry like to keep private and away from criminals…

Name, Address, Phone number, date of birth… you know, the things people could open a bank account with and steal your identity with…

Bank details… I keep my PIN in my head so if someone steals my wallet they can’t use my cards… But if you are OK with having no money…

Photos, I have pictures I’d rather people didn’t see, that’s why I don’t slap them up on Facebook (That and I don’t have Facebook)

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Medical details, Personal messages from Mrs Grim, conversations with other members at the Temple, login details for websites and the like, PayPal details, Ebay, Email, contact details of friends and family…

When I go out I don’t walk out the front door and leave it wide open for anyone to walk in and help themselves to my stuff.

When I get out the car I don’t leave it unlocked and my SatNav in plane sight to get stolen.

When I pay for something I don’t say my PIN out loud then leave my wallet on the counter for someone else.

But if I had an Android or Apple handset that’s exactly what I’d be doing. Look at how many times Apple got hacked last year, look at all the malware on Android phones, 1 in 3 apps infested!

Look at your PC, do you have antivirus and firewalls? You do… Why? Security you say… so why are you still using that antiquated handset? That’s right, I said it, ANTIQUATED!

If in this day and age you don’t look after yourself online you run the risk of losing everything, that’s why your PC updates itself, why your antivirus updates itself, to keep up with all the new ways people are trying to steel your details, to steal your identity. Your PC might be up to date but unless you have a BlackBerry, truth is, your phone isn’t!

So, Are the Sheeple going to change? Not likely, you are the ones that also say “Well, It won’t happen to me” and if you’re lucky it won’t, but do you want to risk it? Are you willing to put it all ‘On the line’ so to speak?

If you’re not then do the sensible thing and get a new handset with the BlackBerry logo on it! You could even win one here!

Don’t forget to come and chat with us all at the United Temple of BlackBerry at the forums BBM Channel C000117D3 or the birdy thing @CRAPPLEBASHING


Reverend Grim

Who is Reverend Grim? Not many people know. He has a channel on BBMC C000117D3 where he smites the rotten Apple. He has a photographic channel too C0045B753 seeing as he's actually a photographer. All we know is that he preaches the safe, secure word... BLACKBERRY and BB10! He will welcome anyone #BacktoBlack and into the United Temple of BlackBerry for a sermon and a cup of tea, even Brad who doesn't understand a word he says!