Press Release – The Newly Redesigned BlackBerry Passport Arrives Exclusively at AT&T

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Las Vegas, NV    07 Jan 2015

AT&T and BlackBerry Limited today announced that the newly redesigned BlackBerry® Passport will be available exclusively at and in AT&T retail stores. Additional availability will be announced in coming weeks.


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  • newcollector

    About time! Now how about exactly when will I be able to go get mine. And will ATT have it in red?

  • jrohland

    Redesigned? Probably means current Passports will no longer work on AT&T. That is the kind of ploy AT&T would pull.

  • ital1

    I really don’t like the fact that a carrier would actually do this to BlackBerry or any device manufacturer for that matter. I am happy however that they will carry the product. I have no doubt that the current Passports will continue to work as this is purely a cosmetic change. The fact that a carrier made such demands is disconcerting.

    • bartron

      I agree. As many people know, I’m against carriers selling phones. And one of the reasons is carrier exclusives. They seem innocuous on the surface, but they hurt the market and consumers in the long run.

  • bartron

    Looks like owe AT&T an apology. I accused them of not selling the Passport because they didn’t want to hurt their chances of meeting their iPhone sales quota.

    • Never apologize to that mob!

  • bartron

    I prefer the rounded corners of this design to the pointed corners of the Passport I have. Hopefully the Passport2 will have rounded corners too.

  • Canuckvoip

    Hurry up AT&T, get it on the shelves ASAP!


    While I understand why BlackBerry did this ( to finally have a retailer carry the PassPort) I think that it is disappointing and dangerous that BlackBerry basically had to submit to BlackMail in order to achieve this. What’s next? We want all BlackBerrys to appear in white only?

    AT+T has managed to change the PassPort from a technically leading edge with an edgy design, to what appears to be another i-phone clone. All it needs now is a ‘home button’.