Report shows that only 60% of CEOs feel responsible about security and privacy

According to a recent survey “40 percent of executives said they don’t feel responsible for the repercussions of hackings”


This comes as shocking, but not surprising news.

Shocking in the level of denial, the level of avoiding responsibility, and lack of regard for the customer or consumer. Companies ask us to trust them with our money, our personal information such as address, name, phone number, financial or medical information, date of birth, etc… but when their security is lax or they don’t take necessary precautions out of price concerns they want to walk away scot-free? Rarely a month goes by when there isn’t some major data breach affecting tens or hundreds of thousands of people announced on a website (tho’ seldom on mainstream news) but when was the last time you heard of a company being fined or sued for their irresponsible behavior?

The reason it is not surprising to many (or most BlackBerry users) is that we value our privacy. We’ve made the conscious decision not to buy into the ‘Cult’ and get a cool phone that struggles when it comes to productivity, or a phone that is open-source but can be hacked by others or ‘rooted’ by its’ owner. We prefer to use a BlackBerry that has security built into its’ DNA – whether it’s BB10 or Android on the PRIV. Although we enjoy fully functional phones and have access to apps the security and privacy piece seems to fall onto deaf ears, even after events like ‘The Fappening’. If the folks at the top of the corporate ladder do not care about privacy and security is it really surprising to see this trickle down effect?

The other reason is that we live in a society where people feel the urge to share everything. Via ‘Reality TV’, or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When you’re used to sharing every moment from waking up to going to sleep with the public, privacy can get blurred and confused.


I’m afraid that until their is some basic level of accountability, this laissez faire attitude towards privacy and security may continue.








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