Replace Google Now with Hound by Soundhound


I’ve found myself using a virtual assistant more often on my Priv than I have on my previous phones. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I suddenly find myself using a virtual assistant. I’ve always found these to be nothing more than a novelty, yet I suddenly find myself having a reason for it. Generally when I’m behind the wheel and wanting to leave myself a note, or send a message.

The app that I have been using, is Google Now. It’s a very nice app, and I have to admit, it works very well. And yet I still find that I’m uncomfortable using it. The reason for my discomfort? It’s Google. And we all know how much Google loves our information.

I was excited to see a new app become publicly available today in the Google Play Store, that might just make replace Google Now. The app I’m talking about is Hound, by the fine folks at Soundhound. Hound bills itself as a voice search and virtual assistant, and from first impressions, works just as well as Google Now. In fact, it seems to do something that other virtual assistants I’ve used don’t do, or at least, I haven’t considered trying previously. You can ask follow up questions. See the video below for examples of what is possible.

From my first impressions, this seems to be a more than suitable replacement for Google Now. I’ll be testing the app over the next few days and hope that my initial impressions are correct. I’m also trying to get the app on my Passport, but it’s not showing in Snap, or by other methods I’m used to trying. Prior to today he app was beta by invite, so I’m assuming this may be the reason why I’m having issues grabbing the apk.

Priv owners, have you been using Google Now? Would you prefer a Google alternative?


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  • Wayno

    Downloading now to test. Thanks Brad!

  • veeru789

    Did you pay for the app? If not its no better than Google now for privacy I’d assume.

  • Wayno

    Region locked, can’t download

    • Brad

      Sorry Wayno, wasn’t aware of that.

  • razrrob

    Hound is available for download in 1 Mobile Market and Aptoide

  • Anthony

    How well does Hound work on the Passport? Does it listen for “hey hound-dog…”

    If it’s from SoundHound it should also identify music…”hey Hound-dog…what song is this…blah blah blah”

    I don’t see the app when I search for it in Amazon App Store or Google Play. locco_smiley_31

  • kpbutton

    Great write up! Only available for a the US currently. Fingers crossed for CA, AU, and others soon.

  • Can this work with BBM ?