Remember When iPhone Lovers Denounced BB10 for Lacking a Home Button?

As the iPhone X reviews start rolling in, let’s not forget commentary from the past.

Today Apple announced their new iPhone X. In epic Apple fashion, Apple made grand announcements of their innovation, to a public that has already seen it all before. Even with all the pomp and circumstance, I must admit there are only a couple of things that caught my eye. Of course, you know what I’m talking about. There is a whole lot of BB10 magic that can be found in the iPhone X. Not only did they skip ahead as BlackBerry did jumping to X (ten) from 8 (because 7 8 9?), but the home button is gone. Instead, to get to the home screen, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. How very… familiar.

Now, I’m not about to bash Apple for doing away with the home button. I was a BB10 user and am still a BB10 fan. The fact of the matter is, a home button feels ancient once you’ve used BB10. I’m glad to see Apple do away with it, and hope that Android will follow suit. However, I still remember the stinging reviews of BB10. Those reviews which bashed BlackBerry 10’s lack of a home button. Those reviews that called BB10 confusing and not user friendly because there was no button to mash to get you back to the home screen. I’m betting that very soon we are going to see a lot of those same sources claiming Apple’s dropping of the home button as some stroke of genius. After all, many did just this when Apple decided to drop the headphone jack, and there is no real positive to that.

As these reviewers will no doubt forget their prior BB10 reviews, I think it’s important that we remember. Let’s look at a few.

From Mashable

“The Z10 has no home button. […] It has an odd way of switching between apps.

While some of these departures make a lot of sense, they amount to learning curve that anyone picking up the Z10 for the first time may not have the patience for.”

From The Register

“The single most discombobulating thing about the BB10 design is the discovery that there is No Place Like Home. There’s no Home button to take you back to a familiar display and therefore no fixed point of reference.”

From TechRadar

“Swiping up from the bottom of the display is also the gesture required for closing applications, and if you’re new to BB10 it takes a while to get used to, since you’ll be constantly searching for a back button or home key.”


“While unlocking the phone is simple enough (just swipe up on the screen), there’s a steep learning curve when you first start swiping around BlackBerry 10 as there’s no home button”

From Android Authority

“There is no reassuring home button, and in fact, there are not many buttons at all. For someone used with Android’s UI, the change can be refreshing, but also a bit confusing.”

These are just a few quotes that I quickly pulled off the internets. So many of these reviewers seemed confused by the missing home button, I worry about iPhone users. After all, it’s not as if much has changed over the years with the device.

Do you have reviews that you remember? Share them in the comments, so we can all look for current reviews on the new iPhone, and see just how they differ.

Look Tim! No home button!


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