Refer a Friend to BBMC, A GCN Initiative


Our friends at Global Channels Network are on a mission. A mission to make BBM Channels the social network it should be. A campaign is underway asking us, the users, to refer our friends to BBMC. 

Per GCN’s post,

For many of us BlackBerry Channels is more than a hobby it’s a lifestyle. BBMC is a great place to share your interests and to meet new friends.

Unfortunately many BBM users aren’t aware that channels (BBMC) even exists on their smart phone.

Tell a friend about BBMC and repost this feature to raise awareness of everyone’s passion for Channels.

BBMC is a great social platform, with some amazing channel operators putting out some outstanding content. Unfortunately, as GCN states in their post, there are many BBM users that don’t even know Channels exist. So let’s make it a point to share channel posts with our friends. I know you do it with Facebook, let’s make it a point to do it with BBMC. So when you see a funny kitten gif that you think cousin Mary would like, simply press the 3 dot overflow in the bottom right hand corner, press share, and send the post directly to cousin Mary’s BBM. She will be so thankful!

And remember, BBMC can be more than just the great content we read everyday. It can be a way to privately share family photos with only those you want to see them, it can be a way to organize employees and get feedback, it can be a place for you to share what Starbucks coffee you ordered today publicly. Yes. It can do that too.

And as a BlackBerry user, we should be doing our part to promote the company which we love. So when someone asks for your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, be sure to give them your BBMC as well. 

Head over to GCN at C003D0FF9 and show your support.

How many friends will you be referring to BBMC?


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  • playbookster

    I’ve had a few friends get BBM just for channels, it’s awesome!

  • mscloutier

    I’ve created a private BBMC so I can share pictures, posts and whatever tickles my fancy with family and close friends.
    Channels in conjunction with BBM has become my favorite social app.
    BBM is so much more than a messaging app. I have multiple groups, including one with my kids, which includes a calendar, tasks and a chores list.
    If a could only have one app it would definitely be BBM!

  • That’s a great idea! Creating a private channel for family and maybe close friends, to share pics of your kids or whatever. Had never thought of that.