International retailer Reece Group has adopted BlackBerry Cylance to protect endpoints at all its stores and offices across Australia…

Reece Group is an Australian based retailer providing specialised products in the areas of civil construction including Plumbing, Bathroom, Irrigation, Pools, Water mains, Drainage, Fire services, Gas mains, Telecommunications, Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & the refrigeration industry. The Reece Group is an industry leader in Australia with 800 branches around the world. And thus, it needs an Industry leader like BlackBerry to help guard against threats from the cyber realm.

 “…We take data integrity and cybersecurity very seriously.  After setting out our needs for a more sophisticated, proactive cyber strategy, BlackBerry Cylance proved it could address Reece Group’s requirements from a security, operations and design perspective.  Cylance was uniquely able to automatically deal with attack sequences without requiring constant human intervention, allowing our team to scale and support our growing global business.”

Shane Laffin: Reece Group head of cybersecurity

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For the Reece Group it became essential that a new security solution had to be implemented. One that was not a signature-based antivirus model detection, but one that has a more flexible approach to Endpoint Protection (EPP) as well as Endpoint detection (EDR). One that could detect, contain and respond to radical cyber threats before they cause any form of maltreatment. They needed a proactive and preventative Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning model that can fully control their cybersecurity operations. They assessed three vendors against a testing criterion and systematically examined the products and they found the solution…in the form of BlackBerry Cylance.

“…Phishing, social engineering, new malware mutation all occurs daily, even hourly, making signature-based tools obsolete. It only takes one click on a malicious attachment or one unsecured connected device to leave a network open to attack.”

Jason Duerden: BlackBerry Cylance regional director.

It is lightweight and therefor Cylance can be positioned to span across varied locations of endpoints where needed; terminals, workspaces, point of sales etc. Even when offline, BlackBerry Cylance is “online” and ready for any form of cyber outbreak. With CyclanceOPTICS also incorporated it diverts all exposures & response rulings down to the endpoint management, removing the obligation for cloud connectivity and human involvement. That is the kind of resolution if you need cybersecurity support that does what it says and says what it does. BlackBerry Cylance is that kind of company with that kind of cyber legacy!

…If you live in Australia and walking into a Reece Group store, know that this retail store is BlackBerry protected…

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