Reddit in Motion gets Updated.


Reddit in Motion is by far my favorite Reddit client for BlackBerry, so seeing a update come out for it is always a welcoming surprise.

Its a small update that only brings the version number from to, respectfully.

The change log goes as follows:

* Fixes the “network error” issues.
* Messages and comments are no longer cut short by semicolons and other punctuation characters. The whole message will go through.
* Comment text box is cleared after you submit a comment or cancel the submission.

So that’s it, pretty simple but yet important. Ever since the Reddit team changed their login procedures, the third party apps have had a hard time with logins.

Do you use Reddit, Reddit in motion or any other third party Reddit apps? Let use know in the comments below.

If you want to check this app out yourself, just click on the link.

  • emstardeluxe

    Right on :)

  • jrohland

    Never been on Reddit but I hear it is totally infested with BB haters,

  • bbjoe2011

    I’m sure it is, if you look for it. I use it for funny Internet things and…”other” things. lol

  • Canuckvoip

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up Joe!

  • Brad

    I was banned from Reddit for posting a couple of our articles there. :|

  • razrrob

    if you ever feel the need to sharpen your ‘troll slaying skills’ it can be a fun site!