Recycle your old useless Iphones!


Great news for people with old iPhones and other iProducts laying useless around the house. Quickly, grab them and use something else to prop up that wobbly table, because Apple is now offering free recycling of all their used products. There was previously a program in place (apparently) where you could trade in your working (really?) products and get a giftcard, to use on your next iStore purchase. Now you can trade in non-working Apple (now that sounds more like an iPhone) products. Now, they probably won’t pay you for it, but just to be neighborly, they won’t charge you either. Now,with all those iPhone 5c’s sitting in the supply chain unsold, obviously, Apple is surely looking at ways to minimize their losses. So, I’m left wondering, all those cracked screen iPhones that will surely be traded in, think they’ll just coat them in plastic and introduce them as the iPhone 6? I mean, iPhone consumers will accept this as an upgrade… they’ve accepted the 4s, the 5, the 5s, the …….



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