Ready Player One First Official Trailer

This time we get more of the story.

A movie about Virtual Reality? Ok. Sure thing. What’s new? Well, this one is being brought to us by Steven Spielberg, and that’s no little thing. We saw our first teaser trailer come out of the San Diego Comic Con, and that told us right away that Ready Player One was not going to be some boring VR movie.

In fact, when I first saw the teaser, I was instantly reminded of Who Framed Roger Rabbit of all things. Remember Roger Rabbit? Where all the different cartoons from all the various studios came together on one big screen? Well, here we go again. We see Doc and Marty’s DeLorean, the Iron Giant, so many quick glimpses of so many properties. That’s really all I walked away from that trailer thinking about, and that’s all it took for me to be excited about the movie.

This new trailer is a little more substance, but just as much flash. Now we get a rundown of the story. Granted, it’s not the most original of stories, heck, it’s Charlie in a virtual reality chocolate factory, but Ready Player One still looks great. Spielberg has a history of making epic movies, and it looks like this movie will fall in line with his past successes.

Watch the new trailer below, and catch the original teaser all over again after.

Ready Player One


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