RBS & Natwest Banking Apps Now Available In BlackBerry World!

Here's Natwest...
Here’s Natwest…

Great news for UK banking customers today as Natwest/Royal Bank of Scotland bring their native apps to BlackBerry 10 meaning BlackBerry users of these banks in the UK can ditch their clunky Android versions.

The apps look to come with some great features including the usual such as viewing balances, statements, making payments and transfers but also:

‘You can get Cash from your account at any Natwest, RBS or Tesco cash machine WITHOUT using your debit card’

‘You can pay someone else who has the Natwest or RBS app… you can send up to £250 like this.’

‘You can also pay someone who doesn’t have our app but DOES have a valid UK debit, credit or prepaid card as well as a UK mobile.’

And Here's The RBS One...
And Here’s The RBS One…

Both apps have been long awaited and it’s fantastic to see them land – and so feature rich too!

Welcome to #TeamBlackBerry!

Just all a part of the Chen turnaround?

12 months ago the banks said it wasn’t worth bothering with BlackBerry…

Look at them now.

Come on now HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, TSB, HBOS etc…

Download Natwest Banking In BlackBerry World
Download RBS Banking In BlackBerry World

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