Raktheme Strikes again

I am enjoying my weekend from being workaholic. But, being a BlackBerry Addict I have been scrolling and checking up feeds but suddenly I had noticed that I had a feeling a that I am looking for what’s Raktheme is posting for today. Then within a few hours, they had posted about Social PRO.

What is this app actually made for? I had been user of this app for more than couple of months.

Here are the coolest features that I like about this app:

As I love photography, I have been using Deviantart and flickr at single place. You can also include your facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Maps, PhotoBucket, Livejournals, MeetMe, Meetup, CafeMom, Tagged and VK(European Discussion Forums)

As most of you are aware of few of the social sites listed above I would like to discuss with few of the social site mentioned here. They are:

LiveJournal it is a social site as for forming communities of journals and blogs that offers privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools.

MeetMe & Meetup are similar to that of meeting new people online and chat with them.

PhotoBucket is for FREE image hosting, easy photo sharing and photo editing on web.

CafeMom is one of the most known website for moms who can know details about or supporting woman topics on pregnancy, health, fashion, food, entertainment and more.

As of now, rakTheme offered a promotional offer on this app, this is a limited download offer. Hurry before it expires.

Grab your copy by using Promo Code: S311243PR