Rad Systems Releases App Manager For BB10

App Manager for BB10 is available from Rad Systems for $2.99 USD.

You can check out this Developer Hero Program winner in BlackBerry World here or from the BB World app.

Below are some of the features. I’ve tested Kiosk Mode using the phone app. As the author warns, some apps have extra permissions, this test showed that in Kiosk Mode, it could access Contacts, not a problem if someone is just using phone for a quick call. Quick Launch works well for some that like to start a particular app when system is started.

Check it out for yourself, small app at only 385kb, not intrusive.
Good Luck.

App Manager gives you greater control and better access to the apps on your device, in a faster, easier and more efficient way.

App Manager

Features: View a list of all apps installed on your device, with details and access to each one.

Create home screen shortcuts to system settings, websites, folders or files.

App Manager2
Quick Launch provides shortcuts to applications using physical button key clicks.

Kiosk Mode locks your device to one app using password protection.

App Manager7
Set any apps to automatically open when the system restarts.
Password protect access to App Manager.
Backup and restore your data.

Permissions requested:

  • Notifications Control – required to change profile and notification settings.
  • Device Identifying Information – used to identify the device model.
  • Run in Background – required to allow the app to continue running when closed.
  • Shared Files (optional) – used to create and restore backups.

Let us know if you try App Manager, using the Comments section below!



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