Rachelle Wilde Falls In Love With BB10 All Over Again

Down Boys - It's The Phone She Loves
Down Boys – She loves BlackBerry!

This video deserves another airing, I’m sure you would agree.

Because it hits all the right notes about why people should come #BlackToBlack.

Rachelle was tempted away from BlackBerry by the unbelievers and the lietellers (the Reverend Grim would NOT be happy).

But, she gave BlackBerry 10 a try, in the form of the Z10. And fell as head over heels in love with it as the rest of us.

And in the process gave us some great on screen demos of exclusive BlackBerry 10 features.


Rachelle Wilde Falls In Love With BlackBerry

My personal favourite bit is when she’s in bed with the Z10 at the end and there’s an obtuse reference to BlackBerry Protect, ‘you won’t leave me like that other phone… BECAUSE I’LL FIND YOU!!!’

I’ll let you expound on your favourite part below…!

Rachelle came #BackToBlack.

Shouldn’t you?


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