QuickPost wants to know: What is the best music app?

So our friends over at FeedGuruApps are working overtime on QuickPost, building some new and exciting features. Based on their twitter feed and information from the beta tester group, it seems like something music-related is in the works. With so many different music apps out on BB10, the developers working on QuickPost would like to know: “What is the best music app?”


If you guys want to help mold the next update to QuickPost, this is your chance to let them know which music app you think is the best. Leave your answer in the comments section and let’s get QuickPost the information they need to build us the best social media app on BB10!!!

Important note from the devs of QuickPost:

Make sure you follow the QuickPost BBM Channel C00016626 as we always post news and leaked information there first! Thank you for your support #TeamBlackBerry!
More information can be found at FeedGuruApps.com


Click here to take a virtual tour of QuickPost! Buckle your seat-belts kiddies, because this app is nitro-enhanced!

– Josh, aka The Red Squircle Samurai, host of the QBNN’s App Show. As always, you can find me on twitter @in_loco_nomen and view the App Show on QuickBerry