Quick Tip: Buy the BlackBerry KEY2

It’s time for another quick tip!

A YouTuber that I follow decided to give the BlackBerry KEY2 a 2 week trial run. At the end of his run, however long that actually was, he didn’t have very much nice to say about the KEY2. In fact, he said “DO NOT BUY the KEY2”. Well, I’m here to offer a  UTB Blogs Quick Tip. And that Quick Tip is to BUY the KEY2.

You see, I recognize that people have different wants and needs in their devices. I recognize that this YouTuber didn’t find what he was looking for in the device. And that’s ok. The BlackBerry KEY2, like every BlackBerry that came before it, is designed for a certain type of person. A person that prioritizes security, efficiency, and communications. Not someone that prioritizes YouTube and Games. And again, that’s ok. Luckily, there are different phones for different people.

However, understanding that he had different needs, and found those needs being under-served in the device, I believe he didn’t give other aspects a fair shake. In fact, I think a couple of the complaints that he used to denounce the phone were at best, incorrect. A few of those complaints have to do with functions which we have multiple ways to complete the function. I believe had he known this, his complaints may have been quite different.

In this Quick Tip, I show the different ways we have to complete a couple of the functions which he found so distasteful. But the most important tip provided in this video is for those that prioritize security, efficiency, and getting stuff done. That tip is to buy the BlackBerry KEY2.



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