Quick Compose Shortcut – A solid little time-saver

With the impending release of BlackBerry 10.3.1 scheduled for the 27th January (first revealed exclusively on this very site) , we thought now would be a great time to inform you of a new feature that is guaranteed to save you time and therefore improve your productivity – the Quick Compose Shortcut!

Every BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard can have app shortcuts or speed dials assigned to (almost) all of the keys (“W” is locked to your Voice Mail speed dial), however in the upcoming release of 10.3.1, you can now assign a Quick Compose Shortcut – this allows you to assign both a communication method (BBM, email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on) AND a specific contact from your Contacts app to a single key.

This means it is now possible to open a BBM conversation with your Significant Other, or compose an email to your boss – or a text to your local Pizza parlour, simply by long pressing a single key.

To set the shortcut:


1. Press and hold the key you want to set


2. Click ‘Yes’ in the Pop Up box

3. Select ‘Quick Compose shortcut’ option


4. Pick, from the dropdown box,  the account you want to send the message from.


5. Either type the address, or tap the Pink head to search contacts.


6. Tap ‘Done’.

All sorted, now when you press and the letter you selected The message compose screen will appear.

Just another feature that makes BlackBerry 10 the best OS for Getting Stuff Done.

Jon Hunnings

(Step-)father & husband. I code directly on my #BlackBerry devices, in between blogs! Contact me via Twitter: @BrizBerryDevs or via email: brizberrydevs@utbblogs.com

  • web99

    Excellent post! Thanks for the info.

  • When I had my BlackBerry 9000, I used an app for quite a few shortcuts. Nice to see that they are going to make this part of the OS.

    Nicely done, BlackBerry…