Queues Form For Z3 In Indonesia


It’s impossible!

People only queue for iPhones, who the HELL would want a BlackBerry?

Yes, it’s true…

Join us in the joy that is watching our Indonesian brethren making the smart choice in smartphone and lining up to get their hands on the new BlackBerry Z3.

Or, as any iPhonian or Androidian will tell you…

‘Oh, yeah, it’s all made up…’

Nope – it’s there – full on.

Go Indonesia! Show the rest of the world where the smart money is.

You go buy that Z3 – we would, if we could.

For the money?

It’s amazing.


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  • ray689

    Well this is nice to see. Lets hope it translates into some big numbers.

  • ital1

    I agree; I have high hopes for this device.

  • web99

    I am really hoping for great success of this device in emerging markets. Blackberry has a real opportunity with the $200 price point and advertising blitz to increase BB10 markketshare and sell a lot of devices there.