Questions BlackBerry Fans SHOULD Be Asking

Do we trust BlackBerry for the future of mobile communications?

It’s incredibly exhausting to be a BlackBerry fan. I mean, here we are, with what are arguably the best smartphones available on the market, and we are constantly bombarded with questions that patronize or even mock us.

  • Does BlackBerry still make phones?
  • Wow, isn’t BlackBerry dead, yet?
  • Why don’t you upgrade to a “real” smartphone?

The answers to these questions aren’t even relevant, as they’ve been discussed ad nauseum. Perhaps the most troubling thing about this entire culture is that it is seeping into the BlackBerry fandom. Now that BlackBerry has realigned its focus on the next generation of mobile communication, and diverted its resources to software instead of hardware, the fan community has become cannibalistic via social media. Fans consistently ask the same questions:

  • Is BlackBerry dead?
  • When will we see another BB10 phone?
  • Where’s 10.3.3?
  • Why doesn’t BlackBerry listen to the fans?
  • Where’s our roadmap?

They’ve reverted in on themselves, and it seems almost insurmountable to find one’s way out. It’s even more difficult to do so while struggling upstream against the current of trolling misrepresentation.

This company has maintained its integrity (amid daunting odds) offering privacy, security, multiple form factors, sleek design, and an improved OS experience. Their commitment to offering quality products that consumers are asking for has never faltered, even as BlackBerry continues to rebuild their company.

Still, most of its fan base seem blind to that fact, focused only on the developments they perceive as negative. The peripheral activity shows BlackBerry is working towards the future instead of merely chugging out devices for the present. This vision is iconically representative of the company’s modus operandi.

Keep moving forward.

Fans must then look forward with BlackBerry. In doing so, there are several questions they should be asking to better support the brand that has stayed the course:

  • How has BlackBerry continued to show its support to us, the fans?
  • Have I shared BlackBerry with family and friends to reinforce safety and security in my social network?
  • What software solutions are BlackBerry offering to provide a comprehensive suite of efficiency and security?
  • How can I utilize these in my daily life?
  • Do I support as many app developers as I can, to encourage more apps being brought to BlackBerry?
  • Am I reading the right articles, avoiding clickbait trolls, to get the most accurate information about BlackBerry?

Most fans will do all they can. This is a given. However, in the stymied, dense fog that is the social media narrative, it’s hard to see past that negative haze, to feel as though continued support makes a difference. It does. BlackBerry is paying attention. The important thing is ensuring we are doing our part to stay focused on the future, with BlackBerry. So, we’ll both be there when the fog finally clears.

Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.