Quarterly Earnings Outlook???


Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to scan the Quarterly Earnings Report from Thursday. If you’re like me, most of it is in a foreign language and almost incomprehensible (what exactly is GAAP?). Having seen many of these reports over the years I noticed something very different in the latest report. If you scroll down you will see a new section entitled ‘Outlook’. While this may seem minor – this is a HUGE variation from the reports of the past. I’m not sure if there were legal reasons for not including this section or a change in corporate philosophy but I find this projection to be very exciting! It has to be realistic or the resulting backlash from the Financial press would be nasty yet you want to give shareholders something tangible to help them make the Hold or Sell decision – talk about walking a tight-wire!

Have a look at the Outlook-


The Company is providing the following updated outlook for fiscal 2018:

  • Total non-GAAP revenue in the range of $920 million to $950 million

  • Total non-GAAP software and services revenue growth in the range of 10 percent to 15 percent

  • Positive non-GAAP EPS for the full year

  • Positive free cash flow for the full year, before taking into account the net impact of the benefit of the Qualcomm arbitration award and costs related to restructuring and transition from the hardware business.

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