Qualcomm Gets a $31 Million Win Against Apple

In a patent lawsuit between Qualcomm and Apple, Qualcomm wins.

Qualcomm gains a win in the first of several lawsuits filed against Apple for patent infringement. Apple, who seems to take what it wants and then claim ownership, may have to start paying the price for it’s business practices. That price starts with a cool $31 million owed to Qualcomm.

In this lawsuit, Qualcomm claimed that Apple infringed on three of it’s patents. The first having to do with how a smartphone connects to the web once turned on. The second having to do with graphics processing and battery life, and the third having to do with tech that allows for faster downloads. In the first patent, Apple attempted to say that since one of their employees helped develop the technology previously, that they had co-ownership. Of course that didn’t work.

The judgement is a drop in the barrel to Apple, but may prove to be a sign of greater judgements to come.

Congratulations to Qualcomm for standing up to the giant that is Apple.

Source: Android Authority


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