Qualcomm Amps Up their Audio Offerings

Qualcomm® is hosting their Voice and Music Developers Conference in Shenzhen, China this week. As part of this event, they have announced several new developments to their audio catalog.

Chip Shot

Qualcomm has debuted new technology for their system-on-chip (SoC) platforms. These platforms will support varied development and are designed for a diverse user base. There is a next-gen bluetooth chip, CSRA68100, that allows for four times the processing power of previous options while improving the audio quality through wireless headsets and speakers. It comes with an Audio Development Kit (ADK) to give developers more freedom in programming applications for their devices, and allows OEMs more resources to create a unique experience for their end users.

They also revealed their family of competitively-priced SoCs. The QCC3XXX product line features eight SoCs: three for speaker applications and five for headsets. This collection is intended to offer Qualcomm’s advanced technology at an affordable price.

Qualcomm will also feature their new USB-C SoC platforms at the conference scaffolding the current trend of new mobile devices that support USB-C audio peripherals.

Amped Up

Qualcomm has also announced their new DDFA amplified audio technology. This technology utilizes their Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and closed-loop architecture to marry high-quality sound and increased battery life. This DDFA amplifier will work with wireless speakers, soundbars, networked audio and headphone amplifiers. It will be available on their CSRA6620 SoC.

Smart Talk

The final announcement out of Qualcomm today, reveals their plans to build on the mobile and home technology of voice assistance. This new technology will allow OEMs to design a multi-room user experience across a myriad of smart speakers. In will incorporate Voice Assistant programs like Alexa and Google Play later this year. It has “far-field” and “barge-in” technology that allows voices to be heard from across the room and above the din.

Qualcomm is making strides at creating a foundation on which users can opt for higher quality sound and a more flexible, custom-made audio experience.



Erica Davis

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