QTHelex Have Updated the Popular Clipman Clipboard Manager App For BB10

Clipman Clipboard Manager by QTHelex received an update today. Updated to version it brings improved loading speeds when scrolling in long lists of clips.

Clipman Clipboard Manager is one of my most used apps for sharing copied text and links from anywhere. I rely on this app daily to post links etc. it is almost effortless. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check it out HERE.

Any updates on BB10 these days are always welcome and QTHelex makes some pretty good native apps such as Clipman, Push Bullet and Turbo Reader. If you haven’t seen the range of apps from this great developer, you can check out the list HERE.

They also have a great bundle of apps called the Productivity Bundle, you can get three apps for $1.99 including Clipman. Check out the Productivity Bundle HERE.

   Just some of the apps from QTHelex