QNX: The Final Frontier!

What’s better than Spock in an ad? Two Spocks!!!

For anybody who missed it, check out Audi’s ad focusing on its’ QNX/BlackBerry powered infotainment system. The clever ad shows how the German made, QNX powered, Audi makes Leonard Nimoy’s commute to the local Country Club feel like he’s stuck in a black hole. On June 26:

Audi has announced that its Audi MMI mobile media application framework, which is built on the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, will support the new Android Auto connectivity solution.

The new feature will allow drivers to access Android-device car apps using Audi MMI displays and controls, which Audi has optimized for safe and intuitive operation on the road.

Audi states that the MMI system will still maintain its compatibility with other smartphones. Moreover, drivers will be able to switch between the Android view and Audi infotainment functions, as desired.

Audi is a long-standing customer of QNX Software Systems. Audi systems based on QNX technology include the recent Audi Virtual Cockpit and Audi Connect with Google Earth.

Source: (QNX Auto Blogs)