QNX in The News




QNX continues to garner attention, this time in an interview with Matthias Stumpf, Manager Automotive Sales at QNX Software Systems GmbH. Mr Stumpf sat with Automotive Electronics for an interview where he covered many topics including, their partnership with BlackBerry, the origin of the name QNX and future directions, the infotainment market, over the air (OTA) system updates, the future of driverless cars (ADAS), and vehicle to vehicle communications.

The entire interview may be viewed here (may require translation).


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  • Anthony

    “may require translation” locco_smiley_5

  • Schmurf

    I’m curious as to why cars that use QNX don’t have great compatibility with my BB10 device. Why isn’t there a BB10 layer as there is for Android and iOS. I’m looking for a new car and it p!$$e$ me off that I am having troubles connecting to these new infotainment systems.