QNX: From Potholes to IoT

QNX, Potholes and IoT
QNX, Potholes and IoT

BlackBerry subsidiary QNX Software Systems forsee a solution to equip cars with sensors that can transmit information on road conditions, in this case potholes, to city officials.   According to Derek Kuhn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at QNX, “If a car is hitting a crazy bump at a similar GPS location and other cars are doing the same, (the vehicle) can actually share that information with the municipality . . . Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually prioritize the problems?”

But let’s not stop at just potholes, what about elevators?; according to Kuhn, QNX technology can leverage sensors within the elevator to provide the mechanic with information to help determine the problem before even being onsite.  “We are able to share things so there can be efficiencies…”It’s the things that we don’t think have any kind of computing brain,” Kuhn says.  This is part of  QNX’s  Project Ion, which is described by BlackBerry as a series of initiatives to enable customers to realize their vision for the Internet of Things, in a reliable and secure manner:

At the center of it all is a cloud based secure public applications platform and powered by QNX Software Systems that is:

Simple: Easy to implement and manage. Translate data into one
common language to quickly extract meaningful information from
multiple data sources.

Secure: Protect your data and your users. Security from BlackBerry
extends to the cloud enabling management of billions of connected
devices without compromise.

Scalable: Dependable performance and stability. Capable of
supporting exabytes of data daily by leveraging trusted open source

So here we have more examples of practical applications of QNX and BlackBerry technology.  While there is definitely competition in the IoT space, most notably from tech giants such as Microsoft and Google, which one of the players has a history of putting security first, of safeguarding client data, and earning the trust of governmental agencies and enterprises worldwide?  If you guessed BlackBerry, you’d be correct.

Admittedly, outside of tech circles QNX isn’t really a household name.  Perhaps  you may have heard about their dominance in the car infotainment market, at over 50% market share, or you may have heard that Apple Car Play and Android Auto both run on top of the QNX Car Platform.   Here are 30 other things you may be interested in knowing.    QNX, BlackBerry and IoT; looks like a great fit.


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