QNX Cofounder Returns Home

After 13 years, Gordon Bell returns to QNX

The year was 1980. Gordon Bell and Dan Dodge had met each other while studying at the University of Waterloo. Together, they founded the company QNX. In December of 2004, with teen children, Bell wished to spend more time with his family, and walked away from the company he helped create.

But times have changed, his children have grown, and Bell is back at BlackBerry QNX. In fact, he’s been back for a few months. QNX has grown to be a powerhouse in the automotive market, and looks to be a cornerstone of the upcoming autonomous market that was nothing but a dream when Bell left the company. Automotive seems to be where most of QNX press is headed nowadays, but QNX is capable of so much more. It’s already used for so much more. And Bell isn’t limiting himself, nor the QNX OS to automotive.

“The car is today’s technology. It’s the darling of the industry, all of the engineers want to work on the autonomous car. But I think the future is augmented reality.” he told Ottawa Citizen

Bell’s roll with the company is as Technical Director. This gives him the freedom to look for and try whole new realms for the company.

“All of the same software we’re working on that the car needs to sense its surroundings, the math that’s involved and the sensors and engineering challenges in observing and verifying and being aware of surroundings, also apply to everything in augmented reality for humans as well,” he said. “I believe we’re not just going to have a connected world, but machines will be aware of the people and the environments they interact in.”

BlackBerry has an unparalleled track record in cyber security. The QNX RTOS has proven it’s capability in a multitude of industries. Add these together with the innovative ideas of Gordon Bell and others like him within BlackBerry, and there can be no doubt that BlackBerry will be the company at the heart of the upcoming IoT revolution.

Dan Dodge and Gordon Bell in earlier times


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