Q30 – When Is A Leak Not A Leak..?

When It's From BLACKBERRIES Not BlackBerry...
When It’s From BLACKBERRIES Not BlackBerry..!

Yesterday in BlackBerryland we got a sudden glimpse of some cases purportedly for the new Q30.

And, of course, being BlackBerrians speculation was immediately rife (it’s what we do!).

But. very quickly, we got to smelling fish.

For a start Mr Chen has been very vocal in his determination that leaks will be a thing of the past.

Secondly the Windermere (as we know the prototype Q30 was named) is still the Windermere as far as we know.

Lastly, these pics come from a Russian website (called BlackBerries) which is carefully laid out to LOOK like the real thing.

So, all in all, whilst it’s fun to speculate we’ll wait until BlackBerry OFFICIALLY tell us when (or if) the Q30 ever sees the light of day.

And in the meantime concentrate on the upcoming Z3 and then the Q20/Classic.

That’s more than enough to be going on with right now…



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