Pushing Apple iOS… Over A Cliff…

Oh, Dear Lord...
Oh, It’s Simple Alright…

Great news for iPhonians everywhere!

While their phone is busily being hacked by all and sundry there is one man willing to try and improve it.

One man who can take it to the next level.

One man who can finally breath new life into a dying OS.

By helping them copy someone elses.

Nothing new there then!

So, here it is. The perfect iOS copy of BlackBerry Active Frames. Not to be confused with Widgets (Android) or Live Tiles (Windows), because, as the author himself says in the notes below his You Tube video:

widgets are not the icon itself and live tiles have no interaction

Bravo! Well, said Jay (or Technofu as you seem to be known).

Here’s the video, you might find it a bit, er, familiar…

Dear Lord

So, it turns out that Jay has spent days, weeks, possibly even MONTHS working out how to make active frames a possibility on iOS. Intriguingly enough, of course, being an iPhonian, he didn’t even BOTHER to look see and find out properly if anyone had ever done it before, after all:

iOS is, as always, ahead of the game

Of course, as usual, if Jay had actually bothered to find out the slightest smidgen about BlackBerry 10, and not dismissed it completely as he does in what I can only think was his university or college project Pushing iOS due to it’s justification, then MAYBE he would have realised it’s all been done before.

Over a year ago in fact.

So, thanks Jay, your expertise as a ‘User Experience, User Interface And Branding Architect’ has brought you front and centre as a man who can spend ages doing what BlackBerry already did.

In early 2013.

And as a Canadian, maybe you should just apply for a job with them rather than attempt to make iOS any good? Compared to BlackBerry 10 it’s a bit futile to be honest and the way that iOS and Android are floundering in the OS world I think you may find your talents better suited there.

Just a thought.

Source: Pushing iOS


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