Purchasing the Priv, Returning to the Scene


Earlier I wrote about my experience purchasing the Priv which, started out badly, but ended fairly positive. At the time I bought the Priv, they did not have the case I wanted, and I left with no protection for my new phone, something I rarely do. After a day or two of use, I decided to go back and pick up the BlackBerry leather swivel holster for my Priv. I also wanted to make sure that the display model was still in working order.

On my commute home, I stopped off at the same local corporate store that I had purchased my Priv. I must have gone at just the right time. Usually in this store, you have to give your name when you enter the store, and they put you on a list. Up in the corners of the store, they have monitors that show the names of the people waiting to get helped. I’m typically fourth or fifth in line when I give my name. This time was very different. When I walked up to the door, there were 5 associates standing in line at the door waiting to help whoever walked in. In all honesty, it was kind of frightening.

Immediately one associate asked how they could help me. I admit I stuttered a little as 5 sets of eyes stood watching me awaiting my answer. “I need a case” I said, and he quickly told me he could help and to follow him. Once away from the crowd of clerks at the front door, he asked what phone it was I needed a case for. I whipped out my case and proudly proclaimed, “The BlackBerry Priv”. Whenever someone asks about my phones, I make a show out of it. I want as many people around me to hear and see a BlackBerry. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anyone around us this time.

He reached right under the display device, which was powered up and running through the retail demo, and brought out the holster. I was hoping that they had a received new cases, but my original clerk had told me it would be the middle of next week, and of course it hadn’t been enough time yet. As he opened the box to show me the case, I asked if they had sold any of the devices. He told me that they had, but didn’t know how many. He then proceeded to ask me how I liked it. I told him the truth, it was the best Android device I’ve ever used. And then he said words that were music to my ears. “I haven’t been able to ask anyone how they liked it because none of the people that have bought it have been back yet” That was great to hear. I have heard horror stories of people returning the Priv in droves. Of course, most of those stories are from sources you should never listen to when it comes to BlackBerry. We know the true intention of those stories, and the chances are that they are completely false. Here I was, in the middle of iPhone land, hearing good things about a BlackBerry, from a clerk who was truly interested in my take on it.

He asked if I had owned a BlackBerry before, to which I took the opportunity to once again whip out my BlackBerry, this time my trusty BlackBerry Passport. He looked intently at it for a moment. “Is that the Passport” he asked. This kind of bothered me, as my Passport is the exclusive to AT&T design which I had purchased in this very store, and he was unsure of what it was. In any case, I told him it was, and he immediately followed up questioning what I liked better. To which I replied honestly, the Passport. I proceeded to tell him how great a phone the Priv is, and the only thing I’m having issue with, is Android. He laughed and asked if the BlackBerry OS was better. To which I replied that it was worlds better than Android. It was quicker, smoother, more efficient and felt more modern. He handed me the holster to try my phone in, and as I checked it out, ensuring that this would work for me, he began to flip through the screens of the BlackBerry Classic that was on display next to the Priv.

As I walked out the door, I felt truly content that I was able to explain to a member of the staff that sales phones there how great the BlackBerry Priv was compared to other Androids, and was also able to explain a few of the reasons why BlackBerry 10 is one of the best OS’s out there. I was also slightly amazed that I was able to do so to a clerk who seemed open to listening to what I was saying.

I’ll be going back next week to see if they have received more case options, and will once again check to see that the display is in perfect working order, and hopefully, will get the chance to talk to another clerk about the merits of BlackBerry.

Some time ago, in a far away dark place, our friend Bigglybobblyboo suggested an experiment of sorts, calling it the sales clerk challenge or something of the sort, inviting BlackBerry users to go talk to sales clerks and see how they would react when you asked about a BlackBerry. The times have changed since he made that challenge, and I would like to modify that challenge and challenge all of you. When you find yourself walking past a retailer, and have the opportunity to talk to a clerk about a BlackBerry, take that opportunity. And use that opportunity to educate them as to some of the wins. Be it a Classic, a Passport, a Priv, or any BlackBerry they may be selling, use that time to show them how BlackBerry wins out. It seems that sales staff are no longer as resistant to BlackBerry as they were just a short time ago, however, they don’t seem to be very knowledgeable either. I have been lucky so far, in finding clerks that were willing and open to listening. I bet there’s a lot more like them out there.


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