PUNKT Launched the MP02 – BlackBerry Secure Phone

The Swiss company introduced the next generation of their phones.

The first BlackBerry Secure device was launched today by Swiss company Punkt. As we have already reported the phone is a “dumb phone” for those that wish to disconnect from the always connected nature of a smartphone. Instead, this phone is intended primarily for those who wish speak and send text messages.

In terms of hardware Punkt’s phone name MP02 (the successor of the MP01) does not present what smartphone fans would consider innovations but it is definitely a fairly advanced Basic phone. The screen of the device is 2 inches (very unusual nowadays) at a resolution of 320 to 240, the device comes with 2GB RAM and a Qualcomm 210 processor designed for devices at this level.

The interesting part of the device is the BlackBerry Secure aspect, which includes,

  • BlackBerry Secure Manufacturing
  • BlackBerry Secure Boot (including HW Root of Trust)
  • BlackBerry Integrity Detection with Security Status Reporting
  • BlackBerry Secure Compound
  • BlackBerry Security Verification of Device software

The cost of the device is € 329 (in Europe) and  $349 (In the USA) and its available in Pre-Order from today, a very interesting price for a device whose essence is design and simplicity.

Visit Punkt’s website.

Watch the video of the new MP02.

Roy Shpitalnik

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