The Punisher Snuck in to The Defenders

Marvel’s Netflix series follows their movie traditions.

Marvel is a master of building universes. With a wealth of history on the comics page, Marvel has taken their Avengers franchise to amazing successes in the theaters. Movie after movie, beginning with character driven and titled movies, and unifying them into The Avengers movies, this has been something we haven’t seen before, and a comics fan dream. Marvel has followed the same format with the Defenders.

First we were introduced to Daredevil, next we met Jessica Jones, who brought Luke Cage with her before he ran off in to his own series. Finally, we met Iron Fist. These characters aren’t the Avengers. These are street level heroes who aren’t battling cosmic forces, and it’s fitting that their homed in on Netflix.

Finally, Marvel brought these Netflix homed heroes together in the Defenders which was released this last week. And what a union it was. Not only were all the heroes there, but their primary supporting casts as well. It was an amazing crossover. But someone was missing.

In season two of Daredevil we met another hero, or should we say antihero? Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher arrived to be a thorn in Daredevil’s side. Sadly, The Punisher did not make it in to the Defenders. But, if you hang around to the end of the credits at the end of Defenders, you’ll see he hasn’t been forgotten. Following in the footsteps of Marvel movies, the new trailer for the upcoming series The Punisher popped up.

The Punisher starring Jon Bernthal, best known as the guy Rick should have never trusted from The Walking Dead, arrives later this year. Watch the trailer below.

The Punisher


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