Public Service Announcement: Beware of Leaks


No doubt you’ve seen the above image over the last day or so, reputed to be an official internal BlackBerry document. However, this is NOT the case – in fact it is an old, investor proposal presentation slide from back in 2012. If you’d like to see the original (along with others), check it out here:

As the more astute among you will no doubt notice, the above link contains the name “robinhbchan”. A little searching reveals that Robin Chan is currently CEO of Operator, Inc. His LinkedIn profile details how he was part of a “secret product and engineering team” that attempted to launch a takeover of BlackBerry back in June – September of 2012. The slide pictured above is evidently part of the presentation Mr. Chan and his associates used to secure commitments for funding (according to his LinkedIn page Mr. Chan and Co managed to raise commitments worth $1bn,  but needed around $5bn more).

It’s a shame that so many people (including more than a few BlackBerry “supporter” sites!) seem to be determined to bring BlackBerry down, whether it be through leaks, rumours or misinformation.

Perhaps the media in general should try to do things a little differently in future – rather than jump on every last piece of BlackBerry news and publish it without a thought, maybe it would be prudent to consider the truth behind the rumour and investigate before spreading information that could be false at best and at worst, potentially damaging for BlackBerry as a company.

Jon Hunnings

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  • jrohland

    At least they didn’t call them RIM. locco_smiley_24

  • Anthony

    It looks like one reason this troll picture surfaced is the first sentence in the slide “discontinue QNX based development (BB10)”. locco_smiley_6

    It’s the same troll voices that have been harping about what BlackBerry should do since BB10 launched. BB10 is better than Android, iOS, and Windows,…get over it and embrace the next generation of mobile QNX-based BB10 computing. locco_smiley_20

  • mscloutier



    It is interesting that so many of these little web sites publish so much nonsense about BlackBerry because it is ‘click bait’. There must be a great deal of interest in and in many cases fear of, BlackBerry to justify all this effort. So take heart my friends. If any word of BlackBerry even so obviously fake at this one, generates significant numbers of clicks then there is a lot of interest in our company. Sooner or later that interest will translate into sales and that time is not long off.

  • fishlove73

    Just one of the many reasons I come here now.

  • I used to think those “supporter sites” that crap on BlackBerry were run by stupid people. Now I see they are run by people who want to feel more important by sharing “news” they think people would want to hear; regardless of whether it’s pro or con BlackBerry.

    These people are substantively no different than pre-schoolers in show and tell who try and bring in or talk about something neat so they look cool amongst the other kids.

    They really just want to have something on their sites that people talk about so they feel important. Typically, this means crapping on BlackBerry.