Public Service Announcement – AtHoc Active Shooter Protocols




Like BlackBerry, AtHoc is never one to rest on its’ laurels. Recently E wrote about AtHoc’s commitment to educating employers and employees how best to respond to crisis situations. The latest out of AtHoc is an educational piece on ‘Active Shooter Protocols’. While unfortunate, these scenarios do occur.

Although statistically it is more likely that you will be injured in an automobile accident, it is important that businesses have a plan and train employees how to respond. There are three components to a successful protocol-

  1. A model for alerts and warnings must be developed and maintained by properly trained individuals,
  2. Practice Drills must be held and reinforced throughout the organization, and
  3. Run-Hide-Fight responses must be clearly explained to ensure employee responses are appropriate and help to get the greatest number of employees away from a harmful situation.


Further details can be found here.


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