Pssssst, I heard a rumour!

Move along folks, nothing to see here
Move along folks, nothing to see here

If you go into the woods today… you’re in for a (not so) big surprise… for today’s the day the bears are having another picnic – and BlackBerry once again is on the menu.  Or something is up, because this one has come right out of left field, and I’m left wondering “Why”?


Fresh on the heels of reports of Passport sellouts on Amazon and BlackBerry (globally), a slew of positive tech media reviews and ad hoc celebrity endorsements, comes an anonymous, single sourced, unsubstantiated rumour that Lenovo is once again going to buy BlackBerry.

Never mind that this deal was already reportedly on the table last summer – when BlackBerry as an entity was at its nadir – and soundly rejected by the Canadian government, no no no. Some rumours are just too good not to have another kick at the can.

And it’s more filled out this time – analysts have suggested it could just be a purchase of the handset business and not the core network structure (which just ups the Silly factor to the nth degree, imho):  Never mind that BlackBerry’s core handset business is already in the process of being slowly farmed out to Foxconn… or that Chen has stated a renewed focus on keyboard handsets to fill a competitive niche… or that the last in house device BlackBerry produced was the 1:1 PKB Passport.

Acquiring that division without the OS, or NOC, or MDM, or BBM, etc would suggest that Lenovo wants to use BlackBerry’s handset division to make Android phones with physical keyboards running apps on a 1:1 ratio because there’s such a demand for keyboards on Android…  Consider that and remember Lenovo’s recent $2.3BN purchase of IBM’s x86 server business alongside their $2.9BN purchase of Google’s Motorola HANDSET business.

Maybe Lenovo just likes to collect handset companies like kids collect baseball cards?

TLDR; — This is a bizarre, unlikely rumour.  If there’s ANY truth to it, a partnership with Lenovo to expand into the Chinese market is far more likely than any acquisition, especially in light of Chen’s comments just last week:

“China is too big a market to ignore,” Mr. Chen said. “It is clear that BlackBerry needs to and should be in that market.”

Now That’s Plausible.  Of course, anything is possible, but my gut says No.

SOURCE:  Sorry, no links.  Too silly imho.

What do you think?  Slow news day?  Truth to the rumour?  We’ll know for sure soon enough either way but sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.